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LoRaWAN® Devices

Integrations with network providers

These documents aim to outline the steps required to connect network providers to MClimate’s LoRaWAN® broker and establish bi-directional communication between the two systems. Once completed, one would be able to control MClimate Vicki LoRaWAN® from MClimate Home App and corresponding MClimate software products.
MClimate LoRaWAN® broker works with these network providers:

LoRaWAN® Payload Helper

The Payload helper is a nifty tool that will help you in case you want to test our devices with hex commands.

Latest news

MClimate and Wattsense join forces to integrate innovative IoT end-to-end solutions for energy management in Smart Buildings using LoRaWAN

MClimate and Wattsense are pleased to announce their partnership bringing innovative LoRaWAN® devices and an end-to-end energy efficiency solution to conventional Building Management Systems (BMS) to accelerate the adoption of smart buildings in Europe and meet new Building Automation Control Systems (BACS) requirements by 2025.

JAN 4, 2021

MClimate joins LoRa Alliance® to help members improve IoT solutions for Smart Buildings with a range of new LoRaWAN® products for energy and water efficiency

MClimate, an IoT company which designs and develops universally compatible smart home and building automation solutions with a focus on sustainability and delivering enhanced comfort, home security and energy savings, is proud to announce it joined the LoRa Alliance®, the largest and fastest-growing alliance in the technology sector. 

OCT 14, 2020