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Melissa - control your AC from your smartphone

Meet Melissa - the smart A/C controller

Take control over your home comfort and energy bills with an easy to install
and universally compatible device.

*30 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty

Geolocation based turn On/Off

Melissa turns your A/C ON or OFF depending on your location, so you can always enjoy the perfect temperature when you’re home.


Get notifications based on your preferences for temperature and humidity. Set room comfort zone and get an alarm triggered to inform you if temperature or humidity is below or above your limits.

Setting timers has never been easier

With our intuitive app interface everyone in your family can create multiple timers with ease. Tune your A/C to your lifestyle.


Create daily, weekly and monthly schedules based on your lifestyle and travel plans and forget about your daily interaction with your A/C.

Make your A/C energy efficient

Melissa helps you improve your carbon footprint, reduce energy waste and save money by reducing your A/C's energy consumption with up to 30%, paying itself off within less than a year based on your yearly consumption.


Benefit from even more build in A/C features by adjusting fan speed, swing mode, using quiet, dry or anti freeze mode, or create your own commands to turn your TV on/off or any other infrared remote controlled device.

How it works?

Simply connect Melissa to your Wi-Fi network and download the MClimate App to be able to send her commands and receive information about the current temperature and humidity at home through the Internet. When Melissa receives your command, she sends Infrared signals to your A/C to change its settings. No more wasted energy and daily effort to keep the right temperature and humidity at home while you are away. Melissa's features are designed with the environment and your electricity bills in mind.

Is Melissa compatible with my A/C?

You are not sure if Melissa can control your A/C? Enter your A/C brand and find out!
If you cannot find your A/C brand and model, simply contact us - we can add any A/C to this list if it is operated by an infrared remote control.

Melissa controls

Functionalities provided to control your A/C.

Set the temper­ature

Turn your A/C on and off

Choose the mode of operation

Change the fan speed

Configure smart settings

Melissa doesn't control .

Have the temperature you want when you come home

No matter if you are out of town, at your villa, at work or stuck in traffic, you will have full remote control of your A/C with Melissa. Get notification and alerts based on your comfort zone preset preferences and turn your heatpump on or off while on the go, saving you time and energy.

*30 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty

Villa with an A/C? No problem. Melissa SIM is the perfect match!

Have you ever arrived at your villa and had to wait for your A/C to heat up? Melissa SIM puts an end to your suffering - simply install a local data SIM card and turn on your heatpump on your way to your new home. Melissa will heat up the villa for you and turn off your A/C when you leave. Protect your property from mould and freezing by using Melissa's alarms and notifications.

Make your A/C smart, green and cost efficient!

Let Melissa help you build the green home of the future today. Save your money and the environment with easy installation, intuitive app and low upfront cost. Even when it's burning hot or freezing cold outdoors, you can always come back to the perfect home temperature thanks to Melissa. With its no energy waste green policy and automatic geo-location function, Melissa will power up your A/C in advance of your return home.

State of art design - the only completely white A/C controller on the market

"White has it all. It's beauty is absolute. It's the perfect harmony" - Coco Chanel.
White is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. Through the use of special plastic, Melissa is the only pure white A/C controller on the market. Its discreet color blends with the interior, making it a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, or office.

Our customers

Knowing that whenever I'm coming back to my apartment, it's a comfortable, nice temperature and I never have to really think about it, is just a nice thing to have off my table.

Eric, United States

I recommended the gadjet to several of my friends and one of them bought it. He is very pleased with it.

Rafael, France

My favourite function is that when I'm coming home from work I can set the App on my smartphone to switch on the A/C when I'm at a distance of 1 km or less.

Bruno, France

The installation of the mobile App is very easy, you just push a couple of times "next" and "OK" and it's ready.

Anna, Russia

Compare 2 products option

Compatibility: A/C units with IR control
Sensors: Infrared, temperature, humidity
Power source: AC/DC
Power consumption: <5 W
Size and weight: 10,4 cm x 10,4 cm x 2 cm, 140 g
Network: 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi
In the box: Melissa, user manual

*30 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty

Compatibility: A/C units with IR control
Sensors: Infrared, temperature, humidity
Battery: 2600 mAh
Operation time: 4 hours
USIM/SIM: Standart 6 PIN SIM card
In the box: Melissa, MClimate 3G router, user manual

*30 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty

Take a look at our App

Our intuitive mobile application helps you control your A/C from your smartphone.

See how to install

Instaling Melissa is pretty simple and everyone can manage it in no time. It only takes a few minutes.