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Smart Buildings solution overview

Heating/Cooling control & monitoring solution

Actionable Indoor air quality and health care solution

Water control and damage prevention solution

Our mission is to make every Building smart.

Transform your building into a smart building easily - reduce energy consumption by 30% and ensure occupants well-being.

How it works?

Collect Data

Sensor & Actuators

Transfer Data

LoRaWAN Gateway

Organize Data

LoRaWAN Network Server

Control & Monitor

IoT Platform

Other Clouds & Apps

End-to-end ecryption for Data security & integrity

What types of building do we serve best?



Social housing

Care homes

Municipality buildings





Block of flats

Commercial buildings

Storage facilities

What companies offer Smart Building solutions?

Insurance companies

We combine insurance and risk management with a full-stack IoT Solution that provides live, actionable insights into your building’s health and helps you avoid critical losses.


We help utilities leverage innovative smart building technology to uncover new revenue streams, increase customer satisfaction, unlock demand-response opportunities and more.


We help telecoms unlock new revenue streams and models, add more value to their customers and ultimately help reduce the carbon footprint.

Energy companies (ESCOs)

You help your clients save energy, we help you save even more by targeting appliances that consume most energy and optimizing their work.

Facility managers

Smart buildings enable cost savings and facilitated operation to facility management.

Real estates property owners

Increase the value of your property and gain real-time insights that help you make the right decisions for your building.


We help Municipalities bring innovative Smart Building solutions to their residents and administrative buildings creating the green world we all dream of.

IoT Solution Providers

We help IoT Solution providers increase the value of their services by offering innovative Smart Building solutions.

Our solutions

We always strive to offer comprehensive and tailor made innovative solutions by listening to the sustainability, control or saving goals and stories of our existing customers and partners.

Heating/cooling control and monitoring

Heating and cooling spaces accounts for up to 60% of a building's energy usage. Therefore, this should be the first item on anybody's list to make quick energy efficient win. But consuming less energy doesn't only mean you will save money and help reduce your CO2 impact on the Earth. We prove that it can also mean more precise temperature and humidity control as well as better comfort for occupants.

Actionable Indoor air quality and health care

Actionable is a key word. Our solution does not only send Indoor Air Quality data for later analysis. Our solution also make sure occupants are visually and acoustically warned in a discrete manner if a room's air quality is below standard, so occupants can take actions to improve it - e.g. ventilate. And with Covid-19 pandemic we definitely need to makes sure the possibility of spreading of the virus is reduced in confined spaces.

Water control and damage prevenetion

Water damage can cost a fortune. Usually a flooding happens once in many years, but when it does, it costs you time, money and effort to fix it. Our solution is a combination of two devices - a water valve (certified for drinking water) and flood sensor, both battery-operated. This allows you to not only know when there's a flood in your building, but also lets IoT take care of shutting off the water supply and minimising the damage while you attend to it in an efficient manner leaving nothing to chance and your insurance.

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Why do we focus on making buildings smart?

Ideal room climate

We believe we can vastly improve the quality of life of people, be it at home or at the office, while not asking them to develop new habits.

No expensive renovation required

We believe too much energy is being wasted irrationally around the World and IoT is meant to fix this.

Care for the Earth

We believe energy efficiency should NOT be at the cost of comfort. We believe IoT can ensure better comfort at home or at the office while helping the Earth recover.

Visible energy and cost savings

By collecting, analyzing and acting upon data, our solutions can save up to 30% of your energy consumption.

Low maintenance

All devices we create are battery operated and have a service life between 5 and 10 years.

Corona-Ready - Acting upon CO2 levels

Our solutions can help you reduce the risk of infection by airborne viruses by visually and acoustically notifying you if the CO2 concentration in the room is too high.

99% compatible

Our solutions are compatible with 99% of existing buildings - no need to drill holes, get cables around, etc., making the installation quick and easy.

Security of your data

All our solutions work with military-grade end-to-end encryption ensuring your data belongs to you. Our data-centers are located in the EU in accordance with EU Laws.

Interested in making your building smart or becoming our IoT partner?

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