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Open/Close Sensor


Open/Close Sensor

*30 days 100% money back garantee & 2 years international warranty

MClimate Open/Close sensor allows you to track in real time windows, doors, garage doors and others.

Be aware whenever a door or a window is opened

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MClimate's App

Main features

Smartphone control

With the MClimate mobile App you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world and protect your property.


Programmed to keep you at peace, the MClimate App adjusts its notification volume according to your location and automatically alarms you when the open/close sensor detects motion.


MClimate Open/Close sensor detects when a door or a window has been even slightly opened.  

No wires and cables

Do it yourself, tool-free installment. Adhesive tape, screws and CR1 battery included in the kit. Suitable for multiple surfaces and home or office use cases.

Smart battery management

Open/Close Sensor uses its battery smartly. While the sensing module of the device is powered constantly, the Wi-Fi turns on only when activity is detected, to send information to the user.


Get detailed information about all detected activities on your smartphone.


How does Open/Close Sensor work?

Open/Close Sensor contains of two bodies - a main and a second one. When installing the Open/Close Sensor, place the main body on the door and the second body (the smaller one) on the frame (make sure there's no more than 1 cm of space between the two pieces).

Do I need Wi-Fi to use Open/Close Sensor?

In order to send you notifications every time the door opens, the Open/Close Sensor needs to be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Your smartphone should be connected to the Internet as well.

How many Open/Close Sensors can I use?

You can use as many Open/Close Sensors you need to protect your home. You can monitor them all from our mobile app. Furthermore, you can connect them with MClimate's wider security range to create the ultimate smart security system.

Where should I install Open/Close Sensor?

You can install Open/Close Sensor wherever you want. The device is apllicable on any doors and windows. Futhermore, you can use it on cabins, drawers, safes and so on.  

Should I drill into the wall and do I need any special tools to install it?

No, you don’t need to drill into your wall, and neither do you need any special tools. The Open/Close Sensor provides an easy, peel and stick instalment. Adhesive tape and screws are included in the kit, allowing multiple installation options to a wide variety of frames.

Technical specifications


Bulgarian, English, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, Greek, Estonian, Turkish, Norwegian, Italian, Rusian, Latvian, Danish, Lithuanian, Finnish


CR2-3V (included)


5 years


1 year (15 triggers per day)
2 years (7 triggers per day)


Main body: 71mm x 21mm x 22mm
Small body: 40mm x 11mm x 11mm


Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/n


45 m


Internet access
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz coverage at the point of installation
MClimate App on phone with iOS 8 or later, or Android 4 or later.


2-year limited warranty.