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Melissa 360°

As you probably know, there are many different types of air conditioners. Some of them are part of a central heating/cooling system and are controlled with a thermostat on the wall. The others (wall-mounted, portable or window ACs are controlled with a remote control.

How does the AC remote control work?


Each button on the remote control handset represents a different function of the air conditioner. When you press a button a light emitting diode sends infrared light pulses to the AC. Those pulses form a unique pattern for the chosen button. The IR receiver in the AC recognises the pattern and the AC changes its function according to the sent signal. The IR signals are invisible to the human eye, but you could see them with a mobile phone’s camera, for example. However, as it is a source of light, the LED should have a direct line of sight to the AC so that the signal could be received. That is why you should point your remote control to the AC, if you want to change the mode.

Melissa 360° IR Signal Reach


As long as there are no obstacles beween Melissa and your AC, you can place our smart controller wherever you like. The angle between Melissa and your AC doesn’t matter, because Melissa’s Infrared signal is sent at 360°.

Melissa vs. Remote control


The IR LED in the remote control is placed on top of the remote, while in Melissa there are three LEDs in the middle of the device. However, that’s not the biggest differenciator?What’s more important is that Melissa’s plastic is made of special meterial that allows IR light to go through in any direction. The remote control sends the IR signal only from its front side.

Melissa Tips & Tricks

Melissa Tips & Tricks

You are a new owner of Melissa and you are not familiar with all functions of the application yet? Get to know our best features below, find more about them by following the links.


Smart Mode

Let Melissa control your AC automatically.
  • Set radius size
  • Choose if you want to receive notifications
  • More



Set the right temperature for every moment of the day.
  • Choose if you want to turn the AC on or off
  • Choose prefered temperature and mode of the AC
  • Choose time and repeat date


Special commands

Send special commands, available only for your AC.



Make Melissa work the way you want her to.

How to install Melissa?

How to install Melissa?

Melissa is really easy to install. You don't need any special skills or equipment. All you need are 5 minutes.

Watch video

Melissa is installed in 5 simple steps:

  1. Download the mobile application
  2. Make an account
  3. Plug Melissa in a socket
  4. Connect it to wi-Fi network
  5. Choose your air conditioner
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