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Control your radiators with Vicki

Control your Air conditioner with Melissa

Control your Water heater with Bobbie

Control your Iron with SmartPlug

Multi-room heating controlled from your smartphone

Vicki allows multi-room heating control directly from your smartphone, without additional wiring and installing a wall thermostat. With Vicki's Artificial Intelligence, you can save time, energy and up to 30% from your electricity bill.

Smart control of
your A/C from
your phone.

Even when it's burning hot or freezing cold outdoors, you can always come back to the perfect home temperature thanks to Melissa. Use schedules, timers, geolocation or special commands to tune Melissa to your lifestyle.

The smart electric water
heater controller

Thanks to Bobbie, you can have hot water whenever you need it and control your water heater from your smartphone. Compatible with a wide range of brands and models, it turns your old electric water heater into a smart one saving you time, money and energy.

The smart power
outlet and home appliances controller

With MClimate SmartPlug you can make your home smarter in the easiest way possible. You can use it to automate any electrical appliance and thus optimize its energy consumption.

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Discover how making buildings smart is smart.