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Billing period: 

Yearly SAVE 10%



Proof of Concept

Valid for max 3 months



Max devices


MClimate Home App

Heating profiles

Max 1 per device

Digital Twin

Data retention

1 month




Max devices


MClimate Home App

Heating Profiles


Digital Twin

Data retention

1 month

Add-on features

Floor plan

Rule engine

Custom dashboards

Email reports


Network analytics tool

LoRaWAN Network Server (The Things Industries)

Additional month data retention

Predictive maintenance - battery usage estimation





Only in Expert plan; Contact us.






What payment options do you provide for clients?

You can pay your subscription using a debit/credit card only.

How do I manage my subscription?

If you have more than 10 devices in your account or building, you'll be prompted to enter your billing details. Once you've done that initially, you will have access to our Billing portal, hosted by Stripe. There you will be able to manage your subscription, download invoices, etc.

What is a billing period?

The term billing period refers to the period your card will be charged. E.g. if you choose monthly billing period, your card will be charged with the amount due every month and if you choose annual billing period, you will be charged once per year and you will receive a discount.

How can I purchase a license subscription?

You will be guided through the Enteprise how to purchase a subscription for every service you require. Unfortunately, purchasing subscriptions through PO or other methods, is not available.

Can I run MClimate Enterprise on premise?

The Enterprise is a typical SaaS product. It's hosted exclusively on our servers and you do not have access to the source code or any deployables.

Do you save credit card details?

No. Your credit card details are not saved on our servers. All information goes directly from your computer to our payment service provider (Stripe).

If I downgrade/cancel my plan, when will the changes be put into effect?

All downgrades are only effective at the next renewal date. Your current subscription and limit for all services will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period that you’ve already paid for. You can cancel or modify your downgrades at any time until the end of your billing cycle.

Can I change my plan later without any service disruption?

Yes! You can start with our Proof of Concept plan and upgrade to Expert plan later.

What happens if my card does not have enough balance to cover the transaction?

Our payment processing partner Stripe will try to withdraw the amount a few times. In case the payment was unsuccessful, you will receive an email to top-up your bank account or change the card on file. If there are multiple unsuccessful tries to charge the card, after a while, access to this building from the MClimate Enterprise and MClimate Home App will be suspended and renewed once the subscription due has been paid in full.

How is price calculated?

Price is calculated based on your plan. If you exceed the limitations of your current plan, you will be prompted to update. The cost calculation is performed based on the number of devices assigned to the building, as well as any other additional services you've purchased through the website.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Access to the services will be available until the end of the billing period.

What's included in the license?

You gain access to three primary services:
1. MClimate Enterprise - IoT Platform
2. MClimate Home App - mobile app to manage individual apartments/spaces.
3. MClimate API

Do I need a subscription if I use MClimate LoRaWAN devices, but don't plan to use the Enterprise, Home app and API?

No. You are not required to use any of our software services together with our hardware.
We publish the technical documentation of our devices in our LoRaWAN Resources page.

What is SLA?

SLA refers to Service Level Agreement. The Service Level Agreement describes the services' availability that MClimate provides to you.

What happens if the SLA's promised uptime requirement is not met?

If our overall downtime for the month is below 99.9%, you will receive a refund for the month based on the terms documented in the SLA.

Is there any way I can get a discount?

The pricing of our software products depends on the contract duration. For a 1-month contract, you get the standard price. For 12-month contracts, you get additional discount. Get in touch with us at sales@mclimate.eu if you are planning to sign a longer-term contract for your project.

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