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The smart home automation market is constantly growing and so are we.

Maturing underlying technologies will make Internet of Things technologies easier to implement and help companies and investors seize new opportunities.

If you area an investor or a company focused on:

  • Playing a role in tackling urgent challenges such as energy efficiency and climate change

  • Getting returns from impact investing in line with a sustainability agenda

  • Pursuing scalable investment opportunities in the tech and IoT sector

  • Monetising on smart home automation, consumer-facing products and enterprise automation solutions (LoRa/LoRaWAN)

  • Supporting and growing alongside dymanic and motivated investment companies

  • All of the above

We would like to hear from you and are always open to meeting new partners and discussing collaborations with investors, IoT industry players and peers. Get in touch with us to discuss IoT funding and market trends, home or industrial automation and enterprise solutions.

Some investment highlights

Proven big data
and AI capabilities

Unparalleled in-house production and design capabilities

Proven track record in IoT devices development and enterprise solutions

Focused on improved quality of living and comfort for end customers

Scalable technology & unique business proposition for B2C and B2B clients

Deeply invested in sustainability and promoting energy efficiency

Potential investors

If you are an investor and would like to know more about MClimate, contact us using these details:

Call us +359 800 3 1010 or:

Current investors

For general private shareholder enquiries, please contact us using these details:

Call us +359 800 3 1010 or: