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Meet our LoRaWAN products. The future of IoT.

LoRaWAN is a great technology offering superior range (8km in urban areas and 15km in suburban area), long battery life (10+ years), simple public or private infrastructure, reliability, security and much more. Whether you are working in Utility, Energy management, Building management or Agricultural sectors, you would be making a safe bet for the your future if you choose LoRa. Save energy, have peace of mind and protection or connect and automate your infrastructure easily with our products used by notable international clients.

Vicki LoRaWAN

Heating accounts for 50-60% of buildings' energy usage. With Vicki you can retrofit old radiators, allowing you to monitor, control and optimise the energy usage with up to 30%. 5+ years battery life.

T-Valve LoRaWAN

Floods rarely happen, but when they do, it can cost a fortune to fix the damage. Pair T-Valve with our flood sensor to have total flood prevention protection and peace of mind. 3/4" and 1" version with 10+ years battery.

Flood sensor LoRaWAN

Identify floods or leakage as soon as they happen with our 5+ years battery operated flood sensor. It will bring you peace of mind and save you money and effort in the long run.

Indoor temperature and humidity LoRaWAN sensor

Measure accurately indoor temperature and humidity with 5+ years battery life and discrete design to offer most comfortable environment.

Irrigation LoRaWAN controller and sensor

Growing food is hard enough. Over- and under-watering can be easily solved with our 4xValves and 2xIrrometers controller. 5+ years of battery life and external power supply option.

Your LoraWAN device?

LoRa is a great technology offering superior range, long battery life and option for private infrastructure. If you have an idea about a LoRaWAN device, we are open to making your goals a reality.

Our LoraWAN products benefits

Long operational range

The wider the coverage, the better and cheaper the IoT infrastructure. With LoRaWAN, the range is nearly 8 km in urban settings and 15 km in suburban areas.

Open source standard

The LoRaWAN standard is based on an open protocol approach managed by the LoRa Alliance which supervises the development of the standard and ensures interoperability.


Wireless, easy to set up and able to support thousands of connected end-devices and millions of messages transmitted. Its fast deployment allows for large scale projects to come to live quicker and cheaper.

Long battery life of up to 10 years

Specifically designed to dramatically reduce the power consumption and extend the battery life, LoRaWAN based data transmission and reception requires low current (less than 30 mA).

Indoor penetration

The LoRa waves can pass through obstacles and allow deep indoor penetration and adds the ability to reach sensors monitoring water or gas meters located underground.

High security

LoRaWAN security design adheres to state-of-the-art principles: use of standard, well-vetted algorithms, and end-to-end security ensuring mutual authentication, integrity protection and confidentiality.


Fully bidirectional communication enables a wide variety of uses cases requiring uplinks and downlinks. Sending data to networks and receiving information in return, LoRaWAN devices can deliver status messages even to remote locations.

Low capex and opex

The LoRaWAN open standard combined with cost-free operation frequencies and low-cost base stations allows operators to roll out networks quickly and with minimum investment.

Advantages of LoRaWAN  

Unlike other disruptive technologies that can be slow to gain global adoption, the LoRaWAN technology is not just a promise of a future potential, but a reality readily available today all around the globe. With over several hundred known use cases (and growing), and more than 130 million devices deployed on every inhabited continent in 2019, LoRaWAN devices are creating a Smart Planet. Industry analyst IHS Market projects that 730 million or 43% of all LPWAN connections will be based on LoRa by 2023.




Power consumption

Average Battery Life


On-going cost

Shipped devices (2019)



Ultra Low

10+ years





Up to 200kbps

Up to 1Mbps



5-10 years

<1 year







1-2 years






Ultra Low

Energy harvesting




Our case studies

Enter the IoT era with no R&D and zero time to market.

German Utility & Energy Management -
LoRaWAN Based Building Solutions

Within 1 month of initial discussions,
MClimate and the client started testing a
LoRaWAN based thermostat valve
solution for the German market.
Key features of the solution include:
- Custom modes and integration with
additional sensors using LoRaWAN
- No upfront investment for the client
- Short delivery timeframe
- Solution applicable to large municipal
and office buildings
- Thousand of units deployed within
a limited timeframe due to EU based

Global Energy & Water Utility -
LoRaWAN Remote Water Management

MClimate successfully delivered a white
label product enabling the utility to have
their own IoT state-of-art solution without
spending years and a lot of money on product development.
Key features of the soluiton include:
- Low upfront investment with limited risk
- Ongoing EU based product support
- Scalability and short delivery lead time
- Rigorously tested and secure product
- Military grade wide range radio technology and custom made design of the device

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