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Detect any motions with MClimate Motion Sensor

Detect if a window or door is open with MClimate Open/Close sensor

Detect when there is a leakage with MClimate Flood Sensor

Prevent or stop leakage with MClimate T-Valve

Be aware whenever an entry point into your home has been even slightly opened

Get informed whenever your door or window is opened. With MClimate Open/Close sensor, you will be loudly notified so you can interrupt the break-in.

Be informed whenever
somebody moves
even the slightest

Be notified whenever there is an unwelcome presence in your home. With MClimate Motion Sensor, you can get alerts on your phone whenever a motion is detected in your home and have to opportunity to catch the potential intruder.

Protect your home
with MClimate
Flood Sensor

Water damage could be very dangerous, resulting in structural faults and safety hazards in your home, such as unsound walls and mold growth. MClimate Flood Sensor quickly alerts you when water shows up where it shouldn’t. Protect your home from possible big damage, and keep your family safe!

No more water
damages thanks
to T-Valve

T-Valve gives you the opportunity to stop a potential water damage from happening, by being able to control the main water supply in your property from distance. No more floods and damages. Your home and loved ones will be secure with T-Valve.

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