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Smart utilities and the Smart Home opportunity

Existing smart meters are far away from giving consumers the "smart home experience" - some of the most intriguing opportunities in the sector are in service and products extending beyond the meter, where consumers interact with their energy use. MClimate offers smart home capabilities and consumer services with an entirely new set of capabilities that many utilities have not adequately developed. Utilities success in this domain will require s strong partnerships to design and offer accessible services from the customer perspective outwards.

Value proposition for Utilities


Reduce peak energy demand and its negative impact on energy grid capital, operational cost and environmental pollution.


IoT devices can provide data that's critical in improving customer experiences and driving more informed business decisions.

Optimize customer behavior

Tracking and data analytics provide customer care more tightly integrated with product performance and customer usage.

Don't invest your time

Have your own brand new innovative product on the market in a matter of days not years without the R&D and
testing costs associated with it.

Increase existing revenue

Increase retention of existing revenues or monetise on new revenue streams with the ability to provide additional value-added services after the sale or installation.

Gain new customers

Win new customers and improve customer stickiness by offering environmental friendly and sustainable products that pay themselves off in a matter of months.

Smart Utilities and shaving peak-hour demand with MClimate  

Utilities can become an integral part of the smart home experience of its clients by partnering up with MClimate. Utilities are rewarded with actionable business insights through data collection and analysis that leads to quick return on investment and improved demand response.

Our case studies

Enter the IoT era with no R&D and zero time to market.

German Utility & Energy Management -
LoRaWAN Based Building Solutions

Within 1 month of initial discussions, MClimate and the client started testing a
LoRaWAN based thermostat valve solution for the German market.
Key features of the solution include:
    • Custom modes and integration with additional sensors using LoRaWAN
    • No upfront investment for the client
    • Short delivery timeframe
    • Solution applicable to large municipal and office buildings
    • Thousand of units deployed within a limited timeframe due to EU based

Nordics Telecom Energy Management -
Residential Heating Control and monitoring

MClimate successfully delivered a white label product enabling the telco to have
their own IoT state-of-art solution without spending years and a lot of money on product development.
Key features of the solution include:
    • Low upfront investment with limited risk
    • Ongoing EU based product support
    • Scalability and short delivery lead time
    • Rigorously tested and secure product
    • Military-grade wide range radio technology

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