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"Works with MClimate™" is a program we created aiming to offer our loyal customers products outside our own portfolio that have been integrated into our ecosystem and work flawlessly with our MClimate Home App and other software products. We've selected only top-tier smart home products that we are proud to include in our ecosystem and believe will give you great experience expanding you smart home further.

Manufacturers of smart home devices aiming to integrate their products within our ecosystem should get in touch with us.

Shelly 1

Wi-Fi-operated Single Relay Switch

Control a wide range of home appliances and office equipment (lights, power lines, garage doors, curtains, security systems, heating radiators, air conditioners, etc.) from anywhere with the smallest Wi-Fi-operated relay switch.

€ 16,99

Shelly 2.5

Wi-Fi-operated Double Relay Switch & Roller Shutter


Has been designed for installation in a limited space, such as wall mounts, electrical control panels, etc.
Can be used for two electrical circuits (up to 2.3 kW each) with energy consumption monitoring for each channel, overload, and temperature protection.

€ 28,99

Shelly Dimmer 2

Wi-Fi-operated dimmer

Shelly Dimmer 2 can control and dim a wide range of halogen lights, dimmable LED bulbs, and ferromagnetic transformers from anywhere, through your smartphone. Thanks to Shelly Dimmer 2, you can also adjust the brightness of your lights, creating the perfect home atmosphere that suits your mood.

€ 25,99

Shelly 1 PM

WiFi-operated Single Relay switch witch Energy monitor

Control and monitor consumption of a wide range of home appliances and office equipment from anywhere with the smallest Wi-Fi-operated relay switch Shelly 1 PM.

€ 21,99

Shelly H&T

Wi-Fi-operated humidity and temperature sensor


Shelly H&T has built-in modules for Humidity and Temperature and is the world’s first Wi-Fi Humidity & Temperature sensor working over 1 year on battery.

€ 33,99

Shelly RGBW 2

WiFi-operated RGBW controller

- Control your RGBW strip from your mobile phone.
- Shelly RGBW connects like any LED controller.
- Support any 12V or 24V White, RGB, RGBW led strips and 12/24V led bulbs, with up to 288W combined power.

€ 25,99

Shelly EM

Wi-Fi-operated Single Relay Switch with dual energy monitor  


Control and monitor the consumption of a wide range of home appliances and office equipment from anywhere. With the built-in dual-energy meter of Shelly EM, you also get precise, real-time monitoring of your appliances' power consumption in 2 points simultaneously.

€ 76,99