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Maya V2 - Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Maya V2 - Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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*14 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty
Say Goodbye to the annoying cleaning! With its triple filtering system, Maya V2 sucks up thoroughly the dirt, maintains a healthy environment and refreshes the air. With its wet cleaning, Maya V2 tackles sticky messes and leaves the floor spotless and shiny.

Smartphone control

Maya V2's mobile App allows you to have unlimited control from anywhere.

Comprehensive map navigation

Maya V2's gyroscopic navigation system along with the virtual map function scans the room and generates a precise map. Hence Maya V2 plans her route in order to visit every accessible area of the room.


Maya V2 performs automatic hardware error diagnostics. In case of a failure detection of a component, the device stops working and alerts you. 


Easy-to-create timers

Easy and simple, you can set Maya V2's timers and she will clean when and where you want. It is self-sufficient even when you are away and can help you minimize the amount of time spent on house cleaning.

Advanced space

The innovative, 180° sensors anti-collision feature and its map navigation help Maya V2 to avoid any object that may cross her path.

Automatic charging

With the help of optical sensors, Maya V2 automatically searches for and returns to its charging station after the cleaning program is completed or when the battery level is too low.

Mopping or vacuuming various flooring types

Maya V2 cleans efficiently all kinds of surfaces, from carpets to wood floors to tiles and concrete. You can rely on her to sweep, mop or vacuum your flooring.

Control through your smartphone

By using Wi-Fi or a local connection, you have the power to navigate Maya V2 to clean your home for you.


2D Navigation Map

The gyroscopic navigation system along with the virtual map function, scans the room and generates a precise map of the cleaning surface.


Visualisation of
the cleaning process

By using Wi-Fi or a local connection, you have the power to navigate Maya to clean your home for you.

Set pre-programmed routes

With Maya V2, you can choose between multiple cleaning modes: Auto, Edge, Spot, Single room and Max mode.

Auto cleaning

Maya V2 will clean every corner in the room

Edge cleaning

All edges of walls and furniture are covered

Spot cleaning

The dirtier it gets, the higher suction power is used

2500 mAh battery

Maya V2's power capabilities make her more advanced and reliable.

Maya V2

smart cleaning

100-120 min

working time

Other robots

random cleaning

100-200 m2

cover area

Fits everywhere

With a height of only 7.6 cm, Maya V2 can easily reach those difficult to clean and hard-to-reach places and clean up the dirt and dust from under the sofa or bed, desk, cabinets or other furniture.

Eliminates bacteria

We are unable to see it, but under the furniture, it is full of bacteria, germs and dirt. Maya V2 is equipped to get rid of them all.

Bacteria, Mold seeds, Dust mites, Dust



Clean and healthy filters

With its triple filtering system, Maya V2 is filtering out 0.003 micron dust, moreover, any ash leakage and secondary pollution is totally avoided, helping to maintain a healthy environment.

3000PA strong suction power

With its strong suction power and the 0.6 l dustbin capacity, Maya V2 is uncompromising when it comes to your home's maintenance and deals with any dirt - from dust that has barely settled to deeply-embedded debris in your carpet.

Paper scraps

Sunflower seeds




Bigger capacity
water tank

The 350 ml large capacity water tank can cover up to 200 m2 area.

Automatic charging

Forget about the charger and relax - after cleaning is finished or when her battery is low, Maya V2's self-charging technology will bring her to the docking station.


Can I program Maya V2 to clean while I am not at home?

Yes, thanks to the timer options and the daily cleaning function of Maya V2, you can program her to work in your absence. You can do that through the remote controller or by using our mobile App.

Can I use Maya V2 on all types of carpets?

No, Maya V2 is compatible with carpets with height up to 1,5 cm.

Does Maya V2 identify staircases to avoid falling?

Yes, Maya V2 is equipped with drop sensors which detect stairs and protect her from falling.

Where should I put Maya V2’s charging station?

We recommend you to place the charging station on a flat surface, against a wall and Maya V2 can easily find it. Leave at least 1.5 meters of space free to the left and the right, and 2.5 meters at the front of the station.

How often should I change Maya V2’s HEPA filter?

It depends on your vacuuming habits. If you use Maya V2 on a daily basis, we recommend you to change her HEPA filter every six months (twice a year).

Technical specifications


3000 PA


2500 mAh


100-120 min


100-200 m2


2,4 GHz Wi-Fi


350 ml; electronic drip control


600 ml


Auto Cleaning
Edge Cleaning
Spot Cleanign


2-year limited warranty

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Suction power: 3000 PA
Battery: 2500 mAh
Working time: 100-120 min
Area cover: 100-200 m2
Connectivity: 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi
Water tank: 350 ml; electronic drip control
Dustbin: 600 ml
Route planning & Map generation
Gyroscope sensors orientation
Anti-collision system
Automatic charging

*14 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty

Take a look at Maya V2's App

Our intuitive mobile application helps you control your Maya V2 from your smartphone.

Questions & Answers

Have more questions about Maya V2? Visit our Support Center.

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Ard V.
Netherlands Netherlands
I recommend this product

Good first impression, with some remarks

The device seems to work as advertised. Quiet device. Tried vacuuming and mopping, and it does the job. App is nice and simple. Setting up is simple. Good to see that there are some spare parts in the box. A few tips: - include an English manual in the box - the MClimate Home app is connected to the Maya, but there is no MClimate Maya app for v2 yet. Would be good to mention a release-date. - setting up the wifi-connection is easy. It seems that you can only use 1 wifi-network. Would be great if Maya can remember multiple wifi-networks (for different part of the house).

Васил Ш.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
I recommend this product

ОК !

Perfect device .

Bulgaria Bulgaria
I recommend this product

Перфектна е!

Много бях впечатлена, уникален помощник!

Bulgaria Bulgaria
I recommend this product

Добър робот

Закупих робота преди няколко седмици и съм доволен. Минава по целия апартамент и не оставя непочистени места, ако може да ги достигне. Не се справя добре с малки предмети по пода (напр. чорапи) - понякога не ги засича и ги засмуква. Препоръчвам