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Melissa SIM

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Melissa SIM

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*14 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty

MClimate Melissa SIM consists of two products - MClimate Melissa Wi-Fi and MClimate 3G Router. You can use Melissa SIM in places where you don't have Internet connection and router e.g. your villa, summer house, etc.

Control your A/C from your smartphone

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Main features

Geolocation based turn On/Off

Melissa turns your A/C ON or OFF depending on your location, so you can always enjoy the perfect temperature when you’re home.


Get notifications based on your preferences for temperature and humidity. Set room comfort zone and get an alarm triggered to inform you if temperature or humidity is below or above your limits.

Setting timers has never been easier

With our intuitive app interface everyone in your family can create multiple timers with ease. Tune your A/C to your


Create daily, weekly and monthly schedules based on your lifestyle and travel plans and forget about your daily interaction with your A/C.

Make your A/C energy efficient

Melissa helps you improve your carbon footprint, reduce energy waste and save money by reducing your A/C's energy consumption with up to 30%, paying itself off within less than a year based on your yearly consumption.


Benefit from even more build in A/C features by adjusting fan speed, swing mode, using quiet, dry or anti freeze mode, or create your own commands to turn your TV on/off or any other infrared remote controlled device.


How does Melissa work?

Melissa connects to your smartphone through Wi-Fi and controls your air conditioners' IR signals, the same way your remote control does. In order to work Melissa needs electricity and Wi-Fi connection, all the time.

What kind of air conditioners does Melissa control?

Melissa can control all air conditioners that are normally controlled with a remote control, not a thermostat. There are three types of remote controlled air conditioners: split, window and portable.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use Melissa?

In order to receive commands from you through the Internet, Melissa needs to be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Your smartphone should be connected to the Internet as well.

Does Melissa control my air conditioner?

Melissa is able to control every air conditioner, which has a remote control. However, if for some reason the device does not control yours, we will need about two weeks to solve this problem by adding it to our data base. At https://mclimate.myshopify.com/pages/melissa you can check if Melissa is compatible with your air conditioner.

Technical specifications


Bulgarian, English, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, Greek, Estonian, Turkish, Norwegian, Italian, Rusian, Latvian, Danish, Lithuanian, Finnish


Melissa can control every Appliance that has hand-held remoter control using Infra-Red signals including duct-less, window, portable and wall-mounted units.


IR sensor
Temperature sensor
Relative Humidity sensor


Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/n


Melissa: 10,4 cm x 10,4 cm x 2 cm, 140 grams
BOX: 17,3 cm x 13,3 cm x 5,5 cm


AC/DC 5V 1A Power adapter (included)




Internet access
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz coverage at the point of installation
MClimate App on phone with iOS 8 or later, or Android 4 or later.


2-year limited warranty.