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Vicki LoRaWAN

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Vicki LoRaWAN

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*14 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty

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MClimate Smart Buildings

Control from distance

Take control over your home’s temperature without breaking a sweat. Commuting or simply going on a trip, with Vicki you will be one click away from adjusting the temperature in your home.

See detailed analytics

Get detailed information about your heating usage, temperature changes, or humidity levels. Alongside her completed tasks and actions, Vicki will record the history of your home’s climate and provide the information as an easily digestible data.


Let your home take care of you. According to your location, Vicki’s innovative technology will know when you are coming home and automatically turn on the radiators in your house.

Create multiple

Align the temperature of your house with your schedule. Take advantage of Vicki’s Multiple Timers feature and set the right temperature for the right time.

Preserve energy - save the Earth

Vicki saves up to 30% of your heating bills. With her you not only lower your energy expenses but also your carbon footprint over time.


Upgrade the aesthetics of your home with Vicki’s simple and elegant design. Vicki’s cylindrical shape and white, discreet colour blend with the interior, making her a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, or office.

Smart Home with Vicki

With Vicki's multi-room home heating control, you can not only turn on and off the radiators in your house, but adjust the heating power of each of them separately. Thanks to the MClimate App, you can enjoy Vicki’s fully remote control features by setting up the perfect home temperature from the comfort of your sofa. Do not be afraid to relax while Vicki is working, as she will transform your house into a smart home that self-regulates its own temperature according to your taste.

Control your home energy usage, no matter where you are

Always have full control over your home and heating! No matter if you are in the office, commuting or on a vacation. Our app will allow you to see what's the current temperature at home and control each room individually!

Come back to a warm and cozy home

Let Vicki be your Heating Expert! By using your smartphone’s geolocation, Vicki maintains the needed home temperature. By defining 'nearby' or 'away from' home distance, Vicki will adjust your radiators - saving energy while nobody’s home and warming up the house just before somebody gets back. To be updated, you can always choose to get notifications when a geolocation event occurs.

Keep searching for Green

Keep a close eye while adjusting the temperature - if the screen turns green, then Vicki has calculated that this will be the perfect setting to make sure your energy bill is intact and your comfort needs met!

Analytics Data

Love data? Vicki will give you detailed analytics about the inside temperature and humidity and all the changes of their levels. Moreover, you are getting a full history record of your daily, weekly and monthly home's climate.

Analytics Data

Love data? Vicki will give you detailed analytics about the inside temperature and humidity and all the changes of their levels. Moreover, you are getting a full history record of your daily, weekly and monthly home's climate.

How many rooms
can you make smart?

No more "I Forgot the Heating On" moments. Your comfort is Vicki's command!

Vicki auto-detects
when you open a window

Vicki is so smart that she automatically detects when you open a window and temporarily turns off the radiator in the room. Why make the desire for fresh air hard on your budget when you can install Vicki and teach the radiators in your house to stop wasting excess energy whenever a window is opened near them?

Countless schedules & timers

You want to be in control? Vicki will follow your commands - set schedules, timers, alarms - everything you need in a smart home. You can plan your heating so whenever you reach home, the temperature will be adjusted to your needs, and save money when not keeping warm an empty flat.

Protect your Vicki from tampering, vandalism and theft with our robust anti vandal cover add on

We have designed our newest Vicki add on to address our clients' needs for a robust and long lasting protection of installed TRVs. Our clients range from landlords, facility and energy management companies to schools and public building operators concerned about possible tampering with the heating controllers, theft or damage.


  • Encloses Vicki to protect against damage and theft
  • Hidden fixings help prevent covers been tampered with
  • Sleek but robust design with holes for manual adjustment and ventilation
  • Easy installation for both cover and anti-theft protection clips
  • Particularly useful in accessible public buildings, schools and hospitals

Robust Anti Vandal cover

Success stories

University Campus

Classrooms of a university campus in small European city has been equipped with radiator thermostats Vicki. Administration has increased awareness of the rooms usage and thermodynamics of the buildings thanks to live-data and reports generated from MClimate Enterprise. All devices have been configured to work according to the rooms usage schedule. Savings are not yet calculated, but are estimated to be between 17% and 29%.


An entire office building in a major European city has been equipped with radiator thermostats as well as separate temperature and humidity sensors in some rooms where there are many radiators. The employees have reported that temperature has been managed better since the installation and the project owner reports 28% savings over the last 2 winters.

Police Station

The police regional headquarters in a medium European city installed 1000+ radiator thermostats Vicki as part of a tender for energy optimisation facilitated by a global energy-efficiency provider. Their main goal is to save energy from heating by adjusting the schedule on a room-by-room basis from a centralized platform and gain more insight into their building thermodynamics.

Residential Block

50+ residential buildings in a capital in an European capital have been equipped with radiator thermostats Vicki and timers have been put into place to regulate the temperature on work- and weekdays. Residents have reported increased comfort and engagement with their energy consumption. Savings range from 15% to 31%.


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How does Vicki work?

Vicki needs to be installed directly on the radiator and be connected to a private or public LoRaWAN network. For free-to-use LoRaWAN networks - please check TheThingsNetwork Coverage Map (https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/map) or Helium (https://explorer.helium.com/)(paid, less than $1 per device per year).

What kind of radiators does Vicki control?

Vicki works seamlessly with district heating and thermostats. Compatible with RA, RAV and RAVL Valve Adapters.

How often will I have to change batteries?

In general, every 7-12 years. This depends mostly on the spreading factor. The smaller the spreading factor, the better the battery life. 

What happens if there's no connection to the LoRaWAN network?

Vicki will continue operating as usual, but you will not have a remote access to it and schedule will not execute. You will still be able to change the temperature manually from the device itself.

How many Vicki smart valves can I have?

You can have as many Vicki devices as you have radiators for.

How do I know that Vicki will be compatible with my radiator?

Vicki works with Thermostatic Radiator Valves and does not work with lockshield valves. If your previous radiator thermostat has adjustable setting (e.g. a 0-5 scale), you most probably have a TRV. Vicki's default fitting is M30x1.5. Additional adapters are available for many brands and models of TRVs. Feel free to send us pictures of your radiator valve, so we can assist you.

Technical specifications


Bulgarian, English, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, Greek, Estonian, Turkish, Norwegian, Italian, Rusian, Latvian, Danish, Lithuanian, Finnish


Default fitting: M30x1.5, Additional adapters: RA, RAV and RAVL and ORAS (upon request)


Temperature & Relative Humidity sensors




Vicki : 5,4cm x 8,4cm x 5,4cm 107,29gr
Box: 8cm x 5,7cm x 5,7cm


2.7 - 3.6VDC, 2xAA Battery (Recommended batteries: Energizer Lithium Ultimate L91)
Device does not operate with rechargeable batteries!


Up to 10 years (depending on configuration and environment)


LoRaWAN Network


2-year limited warranty.

Meet Vicki in AR

Open this page on your smartphone to experience Vicki in Augmented Reality and take a closer look of the amazing design of Vicki.

Meet Vicki in AR

Take a closer look of the amazing Vicki's design and experience it in Augmented Reality.

*This button will open the facebook App and activate your smartphone's camera.

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Martijn H.
I recommend this product

Nice product

Bought the product on the website of MClimate and it was delivered by DHL. They made nice retail box, but packaged it a bit poorly so it doesn't look as nice as it should. So I like the product, but need to test it. Don't like the way they send it out. Poor packaging.

Norway Norway
I recommend this product

Fast delivery, good feedback from Mclimate

Bit fiddly to install, but have been working great so far.