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Jul 10, 2023

ALLNET and MClimate established a distribution partnership

ALLNET and MClimate established a distribution partnership
MClimate, an innovator in the production of connected, smart, sustainable IoT solutions and ALLNET GmbH, a distributor of advanced networking and communications technology announced a strategic partnership to provide better services and support to customers in the DACH region together.

Advancing in the latest LoRaWAN IoT technologies MClimate is a company that designs and develops universally compatible smart building automation solutions covering both hardware and software. With a focus on delivering better comfort and energy efficiency while improving stakeholders’ carbon footprint the company is specialized in heating optimization, air quality, and monitoring as well as water control. Pioneering LoRaWAN since the emergence of the technology with an advanced R&D team, and strong manufacturing capabilities, MClimate consistently upholds high production standards and facilitates seamless implementation of smart solutions.

ALLNET GmbH stands for professional, award-winning IT solutions with an outstanding price-performance ratio. The company offers a comprehensive range of network, powerline, video surveillance, and home automation products for both, business and consumer requirements and is expanding its IoT range. With its wide range of products, efficient inventory management, skilled team, and extensive expertise, ALLNET GmbH possesses a strong distribution capacity.

The collaboration between MClimate and ALLNET GmbH enables customers in the DACH region to benefit from unique for the market devices, along with exceptional service and support.

“We are delighted to announce that we are adding ALLNET GmbH as a distributor for MClimate's smart IoT devices. With their extensive distribution network and capabilities, we can effectively meet the increasing customer demand while in the same time provide excellent services. This strategic partnership promises great benefits for our shared customers, facilitating their IoT needs and ensuring scalable and innovative IoT end solutions.” said Violeta Mitsova, CCO of MClimate. The distribution agreement covers all LoRaWan components and controllers right from the start. According to the responsible ALLNET product manager Marc Plesse, "This gives our reseller partners access to the complete MClimate product range right from the start. The quick and uncomplicated integration of the cost-effective sensors then also ensures a rapid amortisation of costs and immediately contributes to a noticeable reduction in energy costs and CO2 pollution."

Founded in 1991 in Germering near Munich, manufacturer and distributor ALLNET GmbH offers its trade partners more than just distribution. In addition to products from leading manufacturers in the ICT sector, ALLNET also distributes a wide range of products under its own brand in the areas of telecommunications, networking, and security. With the 802.lab, the manufacturer and distributor provides its own training and workshop center to actively support trade partners. ALLNET, one of the leading distributors in the ICT sector, has multiple branch offices in Europe and overseas in addition to its headquarters in Germering.

About MClimate
MClimate is a leading IoT company that specializes in creating smart building solutions, encompassing both hardware and software with the primary goal to provide end users with enhanced comfort, security, and energy savings, all while optimizing their CO2 footprint. With a forward-thinking approach towards the dynamic smart solutions market, MClimate has emerged as a prominent manufacturer of LoRaWAN IoT devices in Europe providing services to more than 70 countries and regions. Led by a young and dynamic team of founders with a passion for technology, innovation, design, and sustainability, MClimate's team is offering one of the most comprehensive and competitive smart buildings automation technologies.

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