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Smart Buildings Overview

Heating optimisation

Air Quality & CO2 monitoring

Water control

Make Every Building Smart Today for a Better Future.

Transform your buildings into smart buildings and let data guide you to save energy, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health and well being indoor.

Do your bit for the environment

FACT: Buildings contribute to over 40% of the final energy consumption in the EU. Why not let data guide you in making responsible choices on energy and water use by reducing impacts on human health and the environment for the entire lifecycle of a building?

ACT: Take control of remote monitoring and control of your buildings by saving up to the 50% of energy and maintenance costs.

Do your bit for your own well-being

FACT: We spend c.90% of our life indoors, so why do we care so little about the air quality and its impact on our lives at our home and workplace? Why not re-think air quality as a collective responsibility?

ACT: Monitoring and acting on air quality data has never been easier with the easy installation of sensors and notifiers helping us create healthy places to live, work and grow up in.

Our solutions

We offer comprehensive and tailor made innovative solutions supporting your sustainability, monitoring and control or saving goals and take pride in the success stories of our existing customers and partners.

Heating monitoring, analysis and control

Heating and cooling spaces accounts for up to 60% of a building's energy usage. Therefore, this should be the first item on anybody's list to make quick energy efficient win. But consuming less energy doesn't only mean you will save money and help reduce your CO2 impact on the Earth. We prove that it can also mean more precise temperature and humidity control as well as better comfort for occupants.

Actionable Indoor air quality and health care

Actionable is a key word. Our solution does not only send Indoor Air Quality and CO2 data for later analysis. Our solution also make sure occupants are visually and acoustically warned in a discrete manner if a room's air quality or CO2 is below standard, so occupants can take actions to improve it - e.g. ventilate. Feeling safe and acting responsibly on air quality has never been easier and it helps us reduce the spread of viruses in confined spaces.

Water control and damage prevention

Water damage can cost a fortune. Usually a flooding happens once, but when it does, it costs you time, money and effort to fix it. Our solution is a combination of two devices - a water valve (certified for drinking water) and flood sensor, both battery-operated. This allows you to not only know when there's a flood in your building, but also lets IoT take care of shutting off the water supply and minimising the damage leaving nothing to chance and your insurance.

How it works?

Collect Data

Sensor & Actuators

Transfer Data

LoRaWAN Gateway

Organize Data

LoRaWAN Network Server

Control & Monitor

IoT Platform

End-to-end ecryption for Data security & integrity

Solutions products

Heating Optimisation

Vicki LoRaWAN

Heating accounts for c.60% of most building‘s energy usage. With Vicki you can retrofit old radiators, allowing you to monitor, control and optimise your energy usage and generate up to 30% bill savings with 10+ of battery life.


Aimed to provide an accurate & timely reading of every home or office indoor temperature and humidity with 10+ years battery life and discrete design. It can be paired with Vicki to offer most comfortable living or working environment.

Air Quality & CO2 Monitoring

CO2 Sensor and Notifier LoRaWAN

Sensor and notifier device that uses NDIR technology to measure the actual CO2 and has built-in temperature and humidity sensors. The device also has acoustic and visual notification abilities to alert occupants whenever a room should be ventilated.

Water Control & Leak detection

T-Valve LoRaWAN

Remote water shut off valve with digital internal and external temperature sensors for total leak and flood prevention and peace of mind. 3/4" and 1" version with 10+ years battery and wide applications in residential and public buildings.

Flood Sensor LoRaWAN

Identify floods or leakage as soon as they happen with our battery-operated flood sensor. It will send notification when a leak is detected, so you can take things into control and save you money and effort in the long run.


What types of building do we serve best?



Social housing

Care homes

Municipality buildings





Block of flats

Commercial buildings

Storage facilities

What companies offer Smart Building solutions?


Leverage innovative smart building technology to uncover new revenue streams, increase customer satisfaction, unlock demand-response and Energy as a Service opportunities.


Improve ARPU, create new traffic or improve customer engagement and stickiness with a new sustainable offering for smart buildings while complying with 2030 EU targets.

Energy companies (ESCOs)

Combine IoT and energy expertise to help building operators move their facilities into an intelligent future with reasonable expense management and savings without building works.

Facility managers

Address energy-efficient and eco-friendly buildings, with the integration of IoT and existing BMS to realize intelligent and cost efficient solutions improving service level at low cost.

Real estate property owners

Enhance health, comfort and productivity for end users while improving tenant retention and value of the property. Energy savings and quick ROI in 12-24 months.

IoT Solution Providers

Increase the value of your service proposition by offering universally compatible and easy to retrofit innovative products and an intuitive IoT platform.


Bring energy efficiency and air quality to public buildings and social housing and work towards carbon neutrality goals and 2030 targets in line with the UN’s SDGs.

Insurance companies

Combine insurance and risk management with a full-stack IoT solution that provides live, actionable insights into your building’s health and helps you avoid critical losses.

Work models

Hardware Solution

Looking for a universally compatible LoRaWAN sensors and actuators with a sleek design and state of art functionalities to integrate into your software offering or existing BMS solution?


  • Production in the EU
  • Rigorously tested in the EU
  • Fully configurable settings
  • Detailed documentation
  • Integration and customer support
  • API data feed into any IoT platform
  • Data analytics, monitoring, remote control of energy use, water flow and air quality

End to End Solution (Hardware + Software)

Looking for an intuitive plug and play solution based on our hardware range with a simple IoT platform allowing for data collection, multiple room monitoring, control and reports?


  • MCloud-hosted or self-hosted IoT platform to receive, analyse data, create customer outputs and set controls
  • End customer MClimate app available for residents / tenants use
  • Ability to create groups or manage individually
  • Create schedules, timers and alerts
  • Generate and download data reports
  • Manage integrations with LoRaWAN network servers

OEM: Customisable Solutions

Looking for a reliable IoT manufacturer with in-house design, hardware and software capabilities to create a white label solution with low MOQ of 20,000 and guaranteed quick time to market?


  • Experienced in offering white label hardware solution tailored to end customers
  • Ability to customize existing hardware with customer logo or design new features
  • Project management and customer support
  • Ability to offer MEnterprise for buildings and App for end clients as white label software
  • Working with EU based governments, corporates, telecoms and utilities

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Work with us to make your building smart.

Improve room climate

We care about indoor climate and quality of life and provide energy efficiency but not be at the cost of comfort.

Achieve energy efficiency

We provide an IoT alternative to expensive and lengthy buildings works with immediate energy efficiency benefits.

Show you care for the Earth

We help you reach your sustainability goals quicker by empowering you with the tools for responsible consumption.

Gain quality data insights

By collecting, analyzing and acting upon data, our solution can save up to 33%of energy bills and up to 50% of costs.

Reduce operating costs

We centralize monitoring and control by using hardware with battery life of over 10 years and allowing for seamless BMS integration.

Better life and air quality

We help you reduce the risk of airborne virus infections by visually and acoustically notifying you if CO2 levels are too high or the AQI indoors is too low.

Universally compatible retrofit

Our solutions are compatible with 99% of existing buildings - no need to drill holes, get cables around, making the installation quick and easily scalable.

Highly secured data encryption

All our solutions work with military-grade end-to-end encryption ensuring your data belongs to you. Our data-centers are located in the EU in accordance with EU Laws.

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