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Jun 23, 2020

Enjoy Christmas Holidays with Melissa

Enjoy Christmas Holidays with Melissa

The Christmas preparation has already begun. We start decorating our homes to feel the Christmas spirit. However, this is sometimes harmful for the nature.

We at MClimate are concerened about all those trees, that are killed every year to become part of the Christmas decoration. We want to see more live trees and that is why we invite you to buy a Christmas tree in a pot, instead of a cut one.

Meanwhile, for every Melissa, bought in December, our team will plant a tree. We are going to do this in next year's spring, at the most suitable time and place for that.

We would be very happy to see you plant your own tree with us.

Buy Melissa for the people you love - bring the Christmas Climate to their homes and save a tree.
We will wrap Melissa for you.

Find more about Melissa at: https://mclimate.eu/.


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