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Jun 23, 2020

MClimate at E-Qube Start Up Challenge 2017 by Estra

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MClimate: finalist of E-Qube Start Up Challenge 2017 Our company was one of the finalists in the innovation start-up contest E-Qube 2017 organized by the Italian multi-utility company Estra S.p.A. in partnership with Biba Venture Partners, based in Barcelona. Estra S.p.A. is one of the leading multi-utility companies in the energy sector in Italy. It provides services such as the supply of natural gas, LPG, and electricity; distribution of natural gas and LPG; energy services and telecommunications. More info about Estra here: Estra S.p.A. Biba Venture Partners is an innovative agency that supports the development of strategic partnerships between big corporations and start-up companies. The organizers searched to find best start-ups in the area of IoT, smart homes and buildings, smart city, energy efficiency, renewable energies, big data, business analytics and customer experience. 231 start-up companies from 40 countries applied. Only 10 companies were assessed to participate in the finals which took place on 12-13 July in Florence, Italy. During the final pitching session, our CEO Lyubomir Yanchev presented MClimate smart devices and what benefits utilities can get through home automation in order to support their customers in saving energy as well as to lower their grid maintenance costs through demand response.


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