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Jun 24, 2022

Energy efficiency - the fastest response to the energy crisis

Energy efficiency - the fastest response to the energy crisis
The world is changing faster than we can predict. Political conditions make it necessary to focus on an issue we can no longer postpone – reducing our energy demand thе fastest way possible.  And if we want to really make an impact, it’s every individual’s responsibility to act.
Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important part of our day-to-day lives. Whether it's turning the lights off when we leave a room or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, there are plenty of ways to do our part. No longer just a trend, energy efficiency is actually one of the most effective ways that we can combat the energy crisis. And if you think about it, saving money on your electric bill is just an added bonus!
Energy management and control is a multifaceted, complex issue. Energy conservation can be achieved in many ways. The most effective way of conserving energy is to use a smart device to manage your heating appliances and systems.
Using this method, you can set the thermostat on your heating system so that it turns off when no one is home. Reducing heating demand in homes trough energy efficiency is crucial for all of us, households account for 46 per cent of Europe’s fossil gas use, and have significant reduction potential.  
The summer just started, but the next heating season is just several months away, and nobody expects that the crisis will end by thеn. Using intelligent management of the heating systems in  residential or public buildings is what will make the big difference.  Using a smart radiator thermostats (like MClimate’s Vicki) allows the building management or residents to control in which hours of the day heating is needed, to set comfortable temperature, so empty spaces are not heated and this will reduce more than 30% of energy used. Imagine that multiplied by a whole city of buildings.
This is a real problem that threatens our future. It's important to remember, however, that there are solutions out there. Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce our energy demand and help solve this problem.
Energy efficiency is a key part of the solution to the energy crisis — it's also a win-win for consumers, businesses and the environment!
The energy crisis can be solved, but it takes action. It takes commitment on the part of governments, businesses and individuals. If we collectively do our part to be more efficient and take steps to conserve, we can make a measurable difference.

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