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Jun 23, 2020

How to choose an AC?


If you have ever bought an air conditioner, you probably know how many different models and brands there are on the market. This makes it really difficult to choose the one that fits best your needs. To help you out with this we gathered some of the most important points you should consider when you have to choose an AC.

Window, Split or Portable AC?


The first step of choosing a new air conditioner is deciding on the kind of air conditioner that will best fit your needs. Ask yourself questions like : At what time of the year you will be using it, how much space do you have for it, how are you going to install it. For example, you should consider your window type before buying a window AC as there are different models for the different types of windows. Consider this also for portable ACs. There should be a hole from where the hot air will go out of your home. You should also have enough space to put the body of this kind of AC. You will probably have no such problem with the inner body of the split AC, but the system contains a bigger outer body which you will have to place somewhere outside the building. For more details on the differences between the three types of air conditioners check here.

Cooling and Heating


If you don’t have another heating system, you can consider using your AC for heating as well. The Split air conditioners are doing great job keeping your home warm in the winter and are not very expensive compared to some other heating options. Find advice on how to heat your home in the winter effectively here.

Humidity Control?


What is the weather in your area? Does it get too hot and humid during the summer? Is it too wet and rainy in certain parts of the year? Answer those questions carefully and keep your answers in mind when choosing an AC. Some of them are much better in controlling humidity than others. Check why it is important to regulate the humidity at home and how you can do it using an AC.

Room size


Some of the air conditioners are bigger and more powerful than others. However, this doesn’t mean they are better. If the room where you are going to place the AC is smaller, you’d better choose an AC with lower capacity. It will be much more effective in keeping the right temperature and reducing the humidity to your desired level. It will also be more efficient as it will use less energy. However, if you are willing to control the temperature and humidity in a bigger room or in two rooms with a single air conditioner, choose a more powerful one. If the room is too big for the AC you have chosen, it will be much more difficult to reach and keep the desired temperature. The AC will also be less effective in humidity control and it will use more energy.

Inverter or Non-Inverter AC?


If you have decided to buy a Split AC you should know there are inverter and non-inverter ACs. Make sure you choose the new inverter technology. It is much more energy efficient and will save you some money from the electricity bill. Find more information about the differences between inverter and non-inverter air conditioners here.


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