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Jun 23, 2020

Kristina and her Melissa

Kristina and her Melissa
We asked Kristina the same questions Ivaylo answered for us. She has one device and she has been using it for three months already. We translated Kristina’s thoughts about Melissa for you.

1. How did you learn about Melissa?
I learned about Melissa in the air conditioner shop where I bought my last air conditioner.

2. What made you buy Melissa?
The fact that I can control my air conditioner when I am far away from home.

3. In which situations do you need Melissa the most? In situations when I am not home. When I get home there’s a cool/warm (depending on the season) room waiting for me. This is really important for families with small children!

4. What do you like the most about Melissa?
I like a couple of things about Melissa. She is smart, fast and practical! The ‘Smart control’ function – Melissa automatically turns the air conditioner off when you go away and the opposite!

5. What are Melissa’s disadvantages?
She has no disadvantages, she works perfectly!

6. Which Melissa’s functionalities do you use more often?
I use whatever I need at the time.

7. Was it easy to install Melissa? How much time did it take you?
For me Melissa’s installation was very fast and easy. It took me about 3-4 minutes!

8. Would you recommend Melissa to a friend?
I recommend Melissa to all my friends. With Melissa we step into the world of new technologies on an affordable price!


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