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Jun 23, 2020

Lower your AC bill with these Money Saving Tips


The best way to save money on air conditioning is turning it off.. Yeah, but why have you bought it in the first place? So use it, but use it smartly. Here are few tips for a lower AC bill.


Ensure an Efficient System

First of all, there are many technical problems that your AC can have and that make it operate inefficiently. Due to thеsе problems, the AC will work harder to reach the temperature you want and will be using more energy that you have to pay for. Remember to get your AC checked at least twice a year, just for being sure everything works fine.

Change Your Filters

Dirty air filters will cause stress on your AC. Change them often and your AC’s power usage will be reduced. When your filter is clogged, dirt and airborne particles may back up into your ductwork causing further inefficiency.

Check how to clean your AC filters on your own.

Get yourself a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to keep perfect temperature when you are home. When you are asleep or away for more than 3 hours, there is no reason to have a temperature that no one is enjoying. You can install Melissa yourself for around 99 euro. Melissa allows you to control the temperature from your smartphone for much more efficient temperature monitoring. She saves you up to 25% of your power bill. Find how you can get Melissa here.

Turning the temperature down to lower the AC bill

Even a small adjustment on your thermostat can lead to a lower AC bill, so turn the temp down slightly and pay less.
Air conditioning costs contribute to about 43% of your monthly utility bill. Use these energy-saving measures to save on air conditioning bills and make sure your system is working efficiently.


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