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How to make my AC Eco friendly?

You probably already know that air conditioners have some impact on the environment, but what is it exactly and how could we reduce it?

How is my AC bad for the environment?


The first thing that probably appears in your head is the energy consumed by the air conditioner. There’s no need to mention that unless you are using renewable energy, the more electricity you use the worse it gets for the environment, as well as for your wallet. On the other hand, the refrigerant used in some older models air conditioners could be even more powerful than carbon dioxide in contributing to green house effect. On local level, the hot air pumped out from the air conditioner in the atmosphere could reflect in the so called ‘heat bubles’ that could lead to abnormal weather conditions. However, cars for exampe, contribute much more to such effects than air conditioners.

How could I make my AC more Eco friendly?


The answer is simple. To reduce the negative impact of your AC on the environment start turning your AC when you don’t need it and set it on a low power mode when you are using it.

Use Melissa to help you in your journey to more Eco friendly life.


During the summer your AC doesn’t need to work all day long, so make sure to turn it off before you leave home. Of course, if you forget to do this in the hurry, you can always use Melissa do turn the AC off from distance. Turn it back on 10 to 15 minutes before you get home. When you arrive your home will be cool enough. What’s more is that you don’t have to set your AC on 18℃ to make it cool faster. When the temperature outside is about 30℃, AC working on 23-24℃ in cooling mode would be much better, as it will need less energy to reach and keep such temperature level. Note that sometimes the humidity is what makes you feel hot rather than the actual temperature. In such cases make sure you know how to reduce the humidity using your AC. However, if your pet is at home, or your child is coming back from school, you can’t let them stay in the hot. In this situation you can easily check the current temperature and humidity at home to set your AC at a suitabe mode and temperature. Keep in mind those tips and you will not only become more eco friendly, but you will also reduce your electricity bill.

How to save from the air conditioner?

How to save from the air conditioner?
You have chosen to heat your home using an air conditioner during the cold winter days, but you are afraid your energy bills will get higher? You are right. If you are using an A/C for heating, it probably uses 40 to 50% of the electricity you consume every month. You can change that, when you learn how to save from your air conditioner. According to experts and A/C producers, if you want to save money from your air conditioner, you should not turn it off during the winter. When the temperature outside falls under 0° and your air conditioner is turned off the temperature at home gets very low. In this case your A/C needs more energy to make the room warm again. It is much more energy efficient if the device keeps working on a lower temperature when you are out, for example 19° or 20°. When you get home your A/C will need less energy and less time to heat your home to a prefered temperature. You can lower the working temperature of your air conditioner the same way at night when you sleep, or in rooms you will not use for a couple of hours. If you find this difficult or boring, don't worry - Melissa is here to help you. See how at https://mclimate.eu/. Here are some more pieces of advice on how to lower your electricity expences. The first thing you should think of is the isolation. The walls, as well as the doors and windows should be well isolated, so that you do not lose warmth. In other case, you will need more energy to keep the temperature at home appropriate. The thick curtains also help keeping your home warm wihtout using too much electricity. It is recommended that they begin at least 5cm higher than the air conditioner. If you open your windows to freshen the air during the winter, open them widely for a short period of time. You will lose more warmth if they are half-open for long. All those tricks can help you lower your energy bills, but do not forget that the colder it gets outside, the more electricity you will need for heating.