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HomeKit - Control your MClimate devices with HomeKit thanks to Homebridge!

HomeKit - Control your MClimate devices with HomeKit thanks to Homebridge!

Dear Community,
Want to control your MClimate devices with HomeKit or Siri?

That’s now possible thanks to the awesome open-source project Homebridge - a small server that can connect your non-HomeKit devices and allow for extensive iOS support. Our plugin for the Homebridge is currently used by 300+ people.

If you are already using Homebridge, download our plug-in from here.

If you are new to Homebridge, then read the email and follow our instructions in the Help Center.

What will you need?
Raspberry Pi (starting price at $35) 
- A 4GB or larger SD card (Class 10 - 40Mb/s or faster is recommended)
- An iOS device at home (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Apple TV) 
- A Windows, macOS, or Linux computer with an SD card reader

Once you have the Raspberry Pi and the SD card, the installation is as easy as copying some files to the SD card and then pairing the device with your Wi-Fi and inputting your MClimate email and password. You can follow the installation instructions in our Help Center.

Don’t want to DIY?

If you are interested in the HomeKit support but don’t want to deal with purchasing components and configuring your Raspberry, we might have some good news.

We are gathering interest from our community about a pre-configured, all-in-one, plug-and-play MClimate-HomeKit Homebridge accessory. We don’t know what is going to be the feedback from the community and if we are going to launch the accessory, but if you are interested, please fill in this form and you will be the first we get in touch with if we launch the MClimate-HomeKit Homebridge accessory.

Have a nice week,
Lyubomir Yanchev
MClimate CEO

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