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MClimate’s team participated in the World Clean Up Day

MClimate’s team participated in the World Clean Up Day
This year, at MClimate, we have chosen to mark 16th of September World Cleanup Day by participating in the 'Let's Clean Bulgaria Together' initiative, organized by bTV Media Group.

Making buildings sustainable, healthier and happier for people places is what we're all about! But it's not just indoors we want to contribute to, we're also into improving outdoor environment. Our dedication to the green cause has led us to actively participate in initiatives like the 'Let's Clean Bulgaria Together'. And hey, a cleaner world is a happier world!

In spite of the rain and our colleagues being thoroughly soaked, we stuck to our principles and planted multiple trees in some of the busiest neighbourhood in Sofia. We are taking personally the mission to creating healthier place for everyone!

For us, being part of the sustainability cause is more than just providing smart hardware and software solutions but also constructing our whole business mindset towards creating a greener future. Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment and leave a better world for future generations.