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How to save from the air conditioner?

How to save from the air conditioner?
You have chosen to heat your home using an air conditioner during the cold winter days, but you are afraid your energy bills will get higher? You are right. If you are using an A/C for heating, it probably uses 40 to 50% of the electricity you consume every month. You can change that, when you learn how to save from your air conditioner. According to experts and A/C producers, if you want to save money from your air conditioner, you should not turn it off during the winter. When the temperature outside falls under 0° and your air conditioner is turned off the temperature at home gets very low. In this case your A/C needs more energy to make the room warm again. It is much more energy efficient if the device keeps working on a lower temperature when you are out, for example 19° or 20°. When you get home your A/C will need less energy and less time to heat your home to a prefered temperature. You can lower the working temperature of your air conditioner the same way at night when you sleep, or in rooms you will not use for a couple of hours. If you find this difficult or boring, don't worry - Melissa is here to help you. See how at https://mclimate.eu/. Here are some more pieces of advice on how to lower your electricity expences. The first thing you should think of is the isolation. The walls, as well as the doors and windows should be well isolated, so that you do not lose warmth. In other case, you will need more energy to keep the temperature at home appropriate. The thick curtains also help keeping your home warm wihtout using too much electricity. It is recommended that they begin at least 5cm higher than the air conditioner. If you open your windows to freshen the air during the winter, open them widely for a short period of time. You will lose more warmth if they are half-open for long. All those tricks can help you lower your energy bills, but do not forget that the colder it gets outside, the more electricity you will need for heating.

Ivaylo and his Melissa

Ivaylo and his Melissa
You already know what Melissa is, how she works and what functionalities she has, but you are still not sure if you need her? Let me introduce you Ivaylo. He has used Melissa for a month now and agreed to share with you his first impressions of the product. We asked him some questions to find out why he decided to buy Melissa and if he is satisfied with the purchase. We translated his answers in English for you.
  1. How did you learn about Melissa?
My father saw an interview with the owner on TV and told me about this opportunity as I mentioned I was considering buying an additional module from my air conditioner’s producer.
  1. What made you buy Melissa?
The price quality ratio, I also liked the idea and the fact that the company is from Bulgaria.
  1. In which situations do you need Melissa the most?
When I am about to go home, I turn either cooling, or heating.
  1. What do you like most about Melissa?
The easy installation, the design, as well as that the IR signal is so strong, it works fine in all angles.
  1. What are Melissa’s disadvantages?
I haven’t found serious disadvantages yet. The only thing is that I think the temperature sensor shows 1-2 degrees more than the real temperature.
  1. Which Melissa’s functionalities do you use more often?
Turn on and off when I am not home.
  1. Was it easy to install Melissa? How much time did it take you?
Really easy, not more than 5 minutes, including downloading the application and placement.
  1. Would you recommend Melissa to a friend?
Absolutely, I have already recommended it to a few.