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Jun 23, 2020

We made changes to our mobile application

We made changes to our mobile application

What is new in our mobile application?

Maximum comfort with automatic turn on before you get home. Our smart algorithm can now track your location. After you set the location of your Melissa, she turns your air conditioner on and off when you are coming home or leaving. To make it easier for you, Melissa sends you notifications. To set the location, the range or the option to recieve notifications, choose 'Smart Mode Settings' from the slide out menu in the application.

Melissa's light is disturbing you?
Now you can turn it off with a single touch. To do so, enter 'Devices' from the slide out menu and choose this Melissa, which light you would like to turn off. From 'LED light' slide the button left to turn it off, or right to turn it back on.


Melissa is smarter than before. She knows three languages already.

Melissa is in more countries now and our application is translated in different languages. You can choose your prefered language from the slide out menu.

Better user experience.

We focus on details. That is why we made some changes to the user interface to make the usage of Melissa easier for you.



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