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Apr 01, 2022

EBRD’s Green Innovation Programme supports MClimate’s IoT platform software development for smart buildings management

EBRD’s Green Innovation Programme supports MClimate’s IoT platform software development for smart buildings management

Sofia, Bulgaria & Bucharest, Romania31 March, 2022

MClimate is an IoT company which designs and develops universally compatible smart home and building automation devices with a focus on sustainability and delivering enhanced comfort, security and energy savings. The Company’s growing LoRaWAN® portfolio is aimed at helping address some of today’s global challenges such as climate change and air quality by impacting consumption patterns linked to energy use, energy and water waste, CO2 and AQI monitoring.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is an international financial institution and a climate finance leaderaiming to become a majority green bank by 2025. It has created a market for green and innovative ideas by offering technical and investment support for the research, development and commercialisation of sustainable ideas through The Green Innovation Programme (GIP). GIP supported by the European Union and the TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund, is focused on CEE countries and supports R&D and deployment of green products, technologies or business models which have beneficial impacts in terms of climate change mitigation, resilience to climate impacts, pollution control or the circular economy.

MClimate Enterprise is a web platform for visualization and management of IoT devices, which provides actionable insights on how to improve the energy performance of the building based on current and historical data received and collated by the platform. The platform is designed as part of a competitive and comprehensive IoT end to end solution allowing buildings to become smart through remote control of sensors, data collection and management, report generation and predictive maintenance. The existingversion of the platform is implemented in multiple projects throughout the EU but does not include a digital-twin of the building and the ability for end users to download data and export reports which is of key importance for ESG compliance and offering a complete plug and play solution to end customers.

With the IoT platform development partially funded by the Green Innovation Programme, MClimate will be adding a digital twin overview of the building with key features such as remote management of multiple buildings, floors and floorplans, apartments / rooms, etc. and also give according access rights to tenants, building owners and managers to specific assets (e.g. to a specific apartment or functionality). The platform will be generating reports and downloadable data sheets allowing multiple types of shareholders in the value chain to make better building management decisions for optimising buildings' operations and saving energy - investors, facility managers, tenants and others.

MClimate is committed to cooperate closely with GIP’s team and the selected software development partner Dreamix to help B2B and B2B2G customers accelerate their green agenda to the benefit of all: citizens across our regions, businesses and, of course, the environment. The plug and play solution including the MClimate’s software and hardware helps decrease the global carbon footprint of buildings by saving up to 30% of the energy consumption, up to 85% of the overall building management costs and has no maintenance requirement due to the longest battery life on the market (10+ years).

The development of MClimate Enterprise will make a difference by helping real estate and property management stakeholders meet their sustainability plans and ESG agenda by reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint through an easily scalable and affordable retrofit plug and play solution with ROI of 12-18 months.


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