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Building type: Hospital Buildings Complex

Client Name: Smart Watteo for Hospital Center De Soissons

Location: Soissons, France

Building parameters: 8 buildings on 100,000m2 space

Product(s) implemented:
420 Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostats
13 controls automated regulators (third party provider)
LoRaWAN temperature and humidity sensors (third party provider)

Partner: Smart Watteo through distribution partner DATA PRINT

“The ease of installation is amazing, requiring no significant renovations or huge investment while improvements in building efficiency are seen right from the start.”

Building Management

Smart Watteo helps residential and tertiary building managers renovate their real estate portfolio with optimal ROI thanks to public aid (CEE bonuses, Anah aid, etc.) so they can reduce their energy and water consumption and save money (50% on energy, 30% on water), improve the comfort of residents/users, enhance their heritage (+4% per energy class gained) and reduce their carbon footprint. With Smart Watteo's digital platform, managers can effectively regulate and monitor energy and water usage in real-time using connected smart sensors. These sensors measure savings, enable remote control, and ensure the smooth operation of heating and water systems by issuing smart alerts in case of anomalies or malfunctions. 

DATA PRINT has been a leading and expert distributor of professional IoT applications, IT, network, and telecom solutions since 1967, and was one of the pioneers in the distribution of modems in France. Accompanying the strong growth of the IoT market, DataPrint has focused for 10 years on providing products, services, and consulting for the development and deployment of connected industrial applications. Building on reliable partnerships, DataPrint offers its customers a large catalog of products intended for professional IoT applications: modems, modules, routers, sensors, gateways, starter kits, packaged offers, etc. with the guarantee of industrial quality and high level of service. Expert in cellular connectivity technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G) and LPWAN (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, LTE-M, NB-IoT) is recognized as a major player in the distribution of industrial IoT solutions in France. 


The Hospital Center De Soissons, housing 670 beds, stands as a crucial institution in the South East Territory of Picardy, catering to a population of nearly 200,000 individuals. Comprising eight buildings, the hospital complex serves diverse purposes, including medical, nursing, and support services, as well as residential care for the elderly, facilities for medical students, administrative offices, and technical support areas. These buildings contain various types of rooms, including administrative offices, medical examination rooms, storage facilities, cafeterias, corridors, dining areas, and classrooms, among others. All of them required central monitoring and control of the indoor climate on a room-by-room basis as the lack of individual approach led to substantial energy expenses and building inefficiency heating rooms equally, even when unoccupied. Radiator temperature adjustments were made only manually resulting in overheating and opening the window. The lack of real-time facility data made it difficult to optimize the temperature according to the occupants' needs. The building management staff was searching for a solution that did not require time-intensive and expensive renovations as they could not stop operations.



In order to decrease energy expenses and maintain a comfortable indoor climate for the occupants, the Hospital Center De Soissons required precise data and control over each building. With the installation of 420 Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostats, 13 automated control regulators, and 48 LoRaWAN temperature and humidity sensors, alongside Smart Watteo's digital platform, they managed to monitor, analyze and control their buildings' energy consumption. By adjusting properties’ temperatures on a room-by-room basis and ensuring optimal energy use, the hospital management achieved significant cost savings of 30% in the first heating season. The customizable scheduling feature of Vicki Smart Radiator Thermostats proved especially beneficial in areas like administrative buildings, cafeterias, and dining rooms, where heating was only required during working hours. Furthermore, the open-window detection function contributed to additional cost reductions by preventing unnecessary energy waste. Vicki's compatibility with standard radiators facilitated easy installation across the various building types in the hospital complex. The open-source, no vendor locked-in settings of the devices ensured seamless integration with the Smart Watteo's digital platform allowing combination with third-party sensors.   

The complete smart building solution allowed managers to gain access to historical and real-time building data, empowering them to analyze and enhance building efficiency, reduce costs while tracking sustainability objectives. 


up to 35% reduction

of the heating costs

99% compatibility

with standard radiators




within 24 hours


Individual heating schedules per zone

Products in this case study

Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostat

Vicki LoRaWAN is a radiator thermostatic valve fully compliant with the LoRaWAN standard. It is the perfect choice for large-scale projects as it offers amazing battery life, RF performance and no maintenance for years as well functionalities such as Child Lock, Detection of opened windows and much more.

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MClimate HT LoRaWAN®

MClimate HT sensor is a fully LoRaWAN®-compliant device with battery life time up to 10 years. Track real-time temperature and humidity data to provide precise indoor environment insights. Additionally, it functions as an external sensor device for TRVs and heat management solutions.

MClimate Vicki Anti-vandal protective case

Protect your Vicki from tampering, vandalism and theft with our robust anti-vandal cover.

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