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The client

Our client under NDA was a major German bank institution, with multiple buildings and office facilities all around the country.


In 2021, our customer started rolling out energy efficiency building retrofit initiatives for its buildings portfolio which was outdated in smaller cities across Germany.
They needed a suitable solution that would enable them to manage their energy use, reduce costs and increase sustainability.


With Covid-19 spreading around Europe and remote work guidelines being pushed by the government, the need for remote and occupancy-based heating management on an individual room, floor and building basis has become of paramount importance.


The solution was to deploy battery-powered wireless devices, which have seamless communication throughout floors - MClimate’s Smart TRV Vicki and Humidity and temperature sensors. It was important for tenants to be able to control the target temperature, which they can do from the radiator thermostat itself and trough application on their phones as well. The building management company needed to set up schedules for common parts and monitor individual tenants’ consumption. As our customer is a bank institution one of the main reasons they chose working with MClimate was that our technology offers the highest level of data security and protection. Using our solution, they are also able to generate historical reports and keep track of savings for ESG reporting, collect and analyze data and detect anomalies. As a benefit they could also promote responsible consumption within their premises and engagement of their employees.

Results & Benefits


Vicki Smart TRVs installed


Humidity and temperature sensors delivered


Savings generated in 2021 vs prior
heating season

MClimate worked closely with the corporate and facility management on site to configure a complete and affordable IoT solution managed remotely and based on occupancy. The settings of temperature and humidity as well as savings targets were discussed in detail before agreeing a schedule and optimization parameters for working hours and weekends. We took on board all bank considerations on privacy, firewall and security concerns with a private LNS network. Within only 1 week of the project commissioning by the client, MClimate and the client's facility management team deployed the solution before the heating season. MClimate’s team continuously supported the client with valuable know-how about the office heating patterns, preferences of the tenants as well as remote floor changes while people were away. In the first year alone the client generated energy savings of 45%, heating maintenance cost savings of above 50% due to remote management of devices and the installation paid for itself in the first year of use.

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