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Building type: Office building

Client Name: KEMPER GmbH

Partner: Datacake GmbH

Location: Verden, Germany

Building parameters: 2 floors, built in 1990

Product(s) implemented:
100+ Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostats 

“The seamless integration of MClimate Vicki Smart Radiator Thermostats offered a cost-effective, easy to install solution that brings in the perks of IoT technology while also preserving the existing infrastructure”

Simon Kemper, CEO of Datacake  

About Datacake

Datacake is a multi-purpose, low-code IoT platform that requires zero programming skills and minimal time to build custom IoT applications. The platform not only runs with all major LoRaWAN network servers (including The Things Network Stack used in this case with KEMPER GmbH), it also provides templates for the most popular devices like Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostat.

MClimate manufactures devices that are platform agnostic making the collaboration with top-tier companies like Datacake possible. Installing the devices and integrating them into their platform, Datacake successfully introduced automation and logic, enabling precise actions for energy optimization and cost reduction.


Partnering with Datacake, MClimate took up the challenge to modernize one of KEMPER GmbH's first office buildings. The German industry leader specializing in top-tier filter devices and extraction systems needed help in retrofitting their office used by more than 200 employees. Affected by outdated insulation and a lack of real-time facility data, the building experienced daily energy waste and inefficient room heating. The absence of a structured heating schedule, coupled with the need for manual adjustments of the radiators and inconsistent room occupancy, led to higher costs during the heating seasons.


MClimate together with Datacake addressed the inefficiencies on the old BMS by installing Vicki Smart Radiator Thermostats on the existing old radiators to improve the building's performance and offer an easy to navigate IoT platform. Particularly the Vicki high compatibility rate of 99% with all existing radiators, ensured that the installation process was fast, uncomplicated, and cost-efficient. Once implemented the devices tracked temperature, humidity and usage patterns allowing for automatic heating schedules on weekends and during nights. Preventing room heating when unoccupied or windows were open led to the impressive 30% cost reduction. The transition from conventional valves to MClimate's Vicki Thermostats, achieved without the need of replacing the entire heating system led to remarkable results—the investment paying for itself within the first heating season. Such a drastic reduction in energy consumption improved the CO2 footprint of KEMPER GmbH and helped them in attaining their ESG objectives.


30% reduction

reduction of the heating costs

99% compatibility

with old radiator valves  

Real-time Data

and remote control  

High ROI

within 1 heating season


Products in this case study

Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostat

Vicki LoRaWAN is a radiator thermostatic valve fully compliant with the LoRaWAN standard. It is the perfect choice for large-scale projects as it offers amazing battery life, RF performance and no maintenance for years as well functionalities such as Child Lock, Detection of opened windows and much more.

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MClimate Wireless Thermostat LoRaWAN®

MClimate Wireless Thermostat is a stand-alone thermostat powered entirely by solar energy using an organic solar panel. The device features a 2.9" e-ink screen, sensor for movement (PIR), temperature and humidity sensor, LUX sensor and 3 buttons. The user can change the target temperature and see current indoor conditions. The device sends an uplink after any event as well as periodically.

MClimate Vicki Anti-vandal protective case

Protect your Vicki from tampering, vandalism and theft with our robust anti-vandal cover.

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