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Our customers were looking for an easy to install solution that would optimize the energy spent on heating in several school buildings in Denmark. The buildings were built in the early 1900s, and had no wall insulation, only an insulated and modernized roof with several different types of radiators.


The main goal of the project was to replace the old existing radiator thermostats with smart ones. The new thermostats would be able to control the temperature in each room individually and create a better indoor climate overall. Additionally, it was hoped that the change would reduce heating costs.

Moreover, with a connected heating system, the school management would have a complete overview and historical information of the indoor climate in the whole building.


The problem that the schools were facing was that they could not control the heating in their buildings effectively - they didn't have the possibility to set schedules easily and did not have room-by-room control. The solution was to install MClimate's Vicki Smart radiator thermostats. With these thermostats, the school staff are able to adjust each radiator separately and set up different heating schedules for each room. This allows them to save resources on their energy bills and provide a better indoor environment for their students.

MClimate's Vicki is installed in under 1 minute, as it retrofits any radiator with any thermostatic valve without the requirement to drain the entire heating system. The design has been carefully selected to provide a pleasant user experience while keeping costs at a minimum.
What was important for the school's management was that these new radiator thermostats have the possibility to lock the manual control, so the pupils are not able to change the heating schedules.

Results & Benefits


Vicki Smart TRVs installed


Energy saved


Building equiped

Smart radiators thermostats were installed, replacing the older manual ones, providing room-wise indoor climate control. The use of Vicki helped building’s managers and teachers visualize the indoor climate and objectively identify issues. This has enhanced the comfort while simultaneously lowering the running costs of the heating system. All the classrooms have several radiators and the old manual TRVs were commonly set to diverging settings. Different settings of the TRVs within the same room can lead to discomfort (high asymmetries in the heat distribution). Overall, comfort (positive indoor climate perception) was increased by over 24% thanks to the smart TRV, and more than 20% energy savings were confirmed by the building management.

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