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Our client

Building type: Schools

Client Name: CLIMIFY

Location: Høje-Taastrup, Denmark

Building parameters: 3 buildings from the early 1900s


One of CLIMIFY's customer, the Høje-Taastrup Minicipality needed support with three old school buildings from the early 1900s. Despite some renovations on the rooftop, the buildings lacked wall insulation and control over open windows and doors during ventilation resulting in a considerable amount of energy waste and higher utility costs. Adding to the challenge was the fact that there were multiple types of radiators installed in different periods.


CLIMIFY provided a solution by installing MClimate's Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostats, along with sensors from other providers for CO2 monitoring and open/close window detection. Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostats allowed the school's staff to set individual heating schedules for each room based on occupancy and historical data. The heating system was operated remotely adding MClimate Vicki Anti-vandal protective case, ensuring that the manual control of valves was kept secure and inaccessible to students, which had been a primary concern of the school's management staff. With the implementation of MClimate's TRVs and protective cases, Høje-Taastrup Municipality was able to achieve up to 20% reduction in heating costs and gain real-life data on the consumption patterns to further improve upon. Regulating the temperature based on the individual needs of the rooms made the occupants environment more comfortable while in the same time reduced the carbon foot print of the buildings.


Up to 20%

reduction of the heating costs

Manual Control Lock

with Anti-vandal Protection Case

Up to 10 years

battery of life

Remote control

of the schedule through IoT App

Products in this case study

Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostat

Vicki LoRaWAN is a radiator thermostatic valve fully compliant with the LoRaWAN standard. It is the perfect choice for large-scale projects as it offers amazing battery life, RF performance and no maintenance for years as well functionalities such as Child Lock, Detection of opened windows and much more.

Vicki Anti-vandal protective case

We have designed our newest Vicki add on to address our clients' needs for a robust and long lasting protection of installed TRVs. Our clients range from landlords, facility and energy management companies to schools and public building operators concerned about possible tampering with the heating controllers, theft or damage.

Recommended products

MClimate Wireless Thermostat LoRaWAN

MClimate Wireless Thermostat is a stand-alone thermostat powered entirely by solar energy using an organic solar panel. The device features a 2.9" e-ink screen, sensor for movement (PIR), temperature and humidity sensor, LUX sensor and 3 buttons. The user can change the target temperature and see current indoor conditions. The device sends an uplink after any event as well as periodically.

MClimate CO2 Display LoRaWAN

MClimate CO2 Display LoRaWAN® is a stand-alone CO2 sensor powered entirely by solar energy using an organic solar panel. The device features a 2.9" e-ink screen, sensor for movement (PIR), temperature and humidity sensor, LUX sensor and NDIR CO2 sensor. The user can see the current levels of CO2 as well as historical trend. The device sends an uplink when it detects movement as well as periodically.

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