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Building type: Multiple hotel buildings

Client Name: Plaza Hotel Chain - The Best Western Hotel am Kastel

Partner Name: Betterspace

Location: Multiple, Germany

Building parameters: 107 rooms, 3 floors

“We see it as a good decision to have started this project and we are looking forward being able to report energy savings at the end of the year.”

Project owner

About Betterspace

Betterspace is one of the leading providers of smart software solutions for digital guest communication and intelligent energy management. With better.energy, hotels, care facilities, clinics, schools and office buildings can easily increase their energy efficiency. 1,700 customers already rely on Betterspace. In more than 1,000 companies, better.energy is in use with over 50,000 thermostats and modern LoRaWAN wireless technology. Hotels also benefit from the digital guest directory better.guest. The clever applications from Betterspace create a future-proof, digital and sustainable infrastructure that relieves the burden on customers and the environment, reduces costs, increases revenue and delights guests.
By integrating the smart software solution better.energy from Betterspace and the innovative MClimate LoRaWAN devices, hotels can optimize energy management, streamline operations, and enhance sustainability by reducing costs and staff workload.


The PLAZA Hotelgroup is a hotel chain with a portfolio of over 50 buildings, totalling more than 6,500 rooms, including a mix of three-star and four-star establishments. Catering to a diverse range of travel needs, they offer comfortable accommodations for both business and leisure travellers. As the wider travel industry their business was affected by the raising energy prices, leading to higher expenses. Manual heating adjustments also resulted in excess heat and energy wasta in unoccupied rooms as well as additional workload for the staff. The PLAZA Hotelgroup was searching for a solution for the challenge and being always on top of the innovation they decided to digitalize the energy management system by partnering with Betterspace to implement the smart energy system better.energy and install Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostats.


To solve the problem and stay innovative, they've teamed up with our partner Betterspace to implement the smart energy system better.energy together with Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostats into their whole hotel chain. For example, in Best Western Hotel am Kastell in combination with the hotel's PMS system and better.energy, the MClimate's Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostats were installed and allowed the control of the heating based on occupancy of the rooms. The shift from traditional valves to Vicki LoRaWAN® Thermostats together with better.energy, effectively stopped rooms from heating when guests had checked out or were yet to check in and prevented unoccupied rooms from cooling down too fast. This, along with temperature limits set on the devices, resulted in a remarkable up to 31% reduction in energy consumption. Vicki's high compatibility with existing radiators made the installation process easy, quick and straightforward without the arising of additional costs for any construction work or cable laying. Once in place, the devices monitored temperature, humidity, and allowed temperature control to be set individually on room-by-room basis. Vicki LoRaWAN® Thermostats are designed to minimize energy consumption when transmitting data to the better.energy system, enabling them to sustain their battery life without requiring maintenance for up to 10 years.
The MClimate Vicki LoRaWAN® Thermostats can be installed virtually in any part of the building, not only guest rooms but also hotel restaurants, meeting rooms, lobby or other public area. Making the whole heating\cooling processes digital together with the long-lasting batteries reduce the workload on the staff and improve the sustainability.


up to 31% reduction

of the heating costs

99% compatibility

with old radiator valves

Up to 10 years

of battery of life

CO2 footprint



Products in this case study

Vicki LoRaWAN® Smart Radiator Thermostat

Vicki LoRaWAN is a radiator thermostatic valve fully compliant with the LoRaWAN standard. It is the perfect choice for large-scale projects as it offers amazing battery life, RF performance and no maintenance for years as well functionalities such as Child Lock, Detection of opened windows and much more.

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MClimate Fan Coil Thermostat LoRaWAN®

The Fan Coil Thermostat (FCT) is LoRaWAN device for 2- and 4-pipe Fan Coil Units, accommodating 3-speed or ECM fans. Ideal for building retrofitting, it enhances energy efficiency and reduces heating/cooling expenses significantly. With its 4.2” e-ink fast refresh display it allows the end-users to change the target temperature and see current indoor conditions. Its fully open and transparent communication protocol allows seamless integration into different systems including MClimate Enterprise platform.

MClimate Vicki Anti-vandal protective case

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