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Jun 23, 2020

Dangers of high humidity you should know


What is Humidity?

In a few words, humidity is water in the air. To be concrete this water is in the form of gas and it’s called water vapor. Humidity actually is the amount of water vapor in the air. The hotter it gets, the higher the amount of water vapor gets, which means the humitidy gets higher. When it’s colder, the humidity is lower.

But, how do we feel when the humidity is high?

As we all know, the human body gets rid of moisture by sweating. When the humidity is high, the air is saturated with water vapor, which makes it harder for sweat to evaporate. Because of that we feel hotter.

What happens when humidity at home is higher?

High humidity in your house causes condensation on the windows and wet stains on the walls and ceiling, but not only. What is worse is that molds and dust mites love high humidity. Such conditions help them reproduce much easier and faster, making them a threat for our health. As a result there is a bad odor and unpleasant feel in the air, too. In longer periods of time all this could result also in structural damages.

What are the effects of high humidity on health?

Humidity, combined with heat, leads to disruption of body’s ability to cool itself, which may result in a heat stroke.

Another thing to consider is that high humidity at home causes molds, that may lead to allergies. Mold spores are also a huge threat for people already suffering from different allergies or asthma. Dust mites, who actually exist in almost every home, reproduce much easier and faster in а humid environment. They are one of the main causers of asthma, being even bigger threat for younger and older members of the family.

In longer periods of time high humidity could also lead to many other serious diseases.

What is the perfect humidity level?

People usually feel the most comfortable with humidity between 30 and 55%, depending on different seasons and climate areas. In order to keep your family and yourself away from all of the troubles mentioned above, we recommend to aim at humidity of 45%.


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