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Jun 23, 2020

Floor Mounted AC or Wall Mounted AC


It’s often very difficult to choose the right AC type for you, especially when you are not familiar with the differences between the each one of them. If you have already chosen to use a split AC system, you are probably wondering if wall or floor mounted AC will be better for you. Here are the differences between both types:


When it gets to installation the floor mounted ACs could be a better choice as not every wall is suitable for a wall mounted AC. However, you can choose how high on the wall to install the second type of split system, while the floor mounted AC could only be placed on the floor.

Time to feel the benefit

The higher the AC is installed, the more time it takes for you to feel the temperature change after turning the appliance on. The installation level of the floor mounted AC is low, so you feel its benefit almost instantly.

Distribution of conditioned air

The floor mounted AC carries the risk of not cooling/heating the room properly, if there are obstacles such as furniture. They will stop the airflow to spread throughout the whole space.

For the wall mounted AC there are usually no obstacles, so the conditioned air is distributed evenly in the room.


The floor mounted AC could be much more discrete, compared to the AC mounted on the wall.


If you haven’t decided yet, whether to buy a Window, Portable or Split AC, check their differences here.


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