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Introducing M Climate SmartPlug

Introducing M Climate SmartPlug

The Home Of Tomorrow For Sure Is A Smart Home

There are a lot of devices out there that can make your life easier your home safer and more energy efficient. SmartPlug Тhe SmartPlug is a device that gives you the possibility to control every domestic appliance from your smartphone. By using its technology you can save you up to 25% of your electricity bills, increase the life of your appliances and enjoy the comfort of controlling everything from a distance. Connect every electrical device to SmartPlug and start controlling it with your smartphone. Use SmartPlug's mobile application to turn the connected device ON/OFF anytime, from anywhere. You can also set timers and check the real-time consumption of your electronics.

We bet you have stressful mornings...

The mornings during which you are leaving your home and you’re late for work when a sudden bad feeling of a forgotten iron strikes your mind. Too bad. Now you have 2 options - going back to make sure it’s turned off and become really late for work, or actually going to the office and have the bad feeling throughout the whole day. From now on you can forget your worries. SmartPlug gives you the opportunity to control every device connected to it, with your smartphone.

Save money on electricity with SmartPlug

As you already know SmartPlug gives you the opportunity to control all of your devices with your smartphone. The major home appliances like your AC, blow heaters and radiators consume a lot of energy because we аre leaving them on during the day when we actually don't need them to heat or cool our homes. By controlling them with SmartPlug you can save up to 25% of their power consumption. Which means lower electricity bills and more vacations!

Fool The Thieves By Setting An ON/OFF Schedule

Nowadays, leaving your home without any presence or surveillance is a dangerous thing to do. There are bad people and thieves everywhere, and they are watching every move. They probably know when you're not home and expecting your absence to continue a bit longer. Maybe you are visiting your relatives or you're on vacation, you shouldn't be worried about somebody breaking into your home. With SmartPlug you can set an ON/OFF schedule for your living room and bedroom lamps. The bad guys will never know you're away

Smart Plug Compatibility

You can use SmartPlug to every electrical appliance there is. Use it with your AC, radiators, space heaters, blow heaters, TV's, game consoles and actually everything that connects to a power outlet. Think of what appliance you want to have control on when you’re out of the house. This is the best way to decide how many SmartPlugs you should get for your home. Start managing your house appliances and energy bill intelligently and remotely. Make your life easier! Save money! Buy SmartPlug from our website.
M Climate SmartPlug Smart Wi-Fi Outlet

M Climate 3G Combo


Introducing M Climate 3G Combo!

That's a combination of two products - the standart Melissa Smart AC controller and her new friend - M Climate 3G Router.



Because we want you to be able to control the temperature at your villa or any other distanced place where you go from time to time. We know it is difficult to set Internet connection if your villa is in the mountains, for example. That is why we prepared for you an easy to use device that will provide Internet connection for Melissa to ensure you always have the best temperature when you are there.


Just place a SIM card in Melissa 3G router and it will turn the 3G signal into Wi-Fi connection, strong enough for Melissa to work properly. Next thing to do is connect your Melissa to the new Wi-Fi network and start controlling your AC smart. Find here more information on how to install it. With Melissa Combo Pack you can always be sure the temperature at your villa will be perfect when you get there. 

Melissa's Special Commands


What are Special Commands?

If you are already using Melissa, you are familiar with the main screen of our application, where you can control the main functions of your AC like temperature, modes and fan speed. However, there are some air conditioners that have different functions than other like lower temperature, Plasma function or even Mosquito Away function. Can we control them from Melissa’s App? Well now you can. We called those functions ‘Special Commands’ and you can find them in the ‘Settings’ menu of your Melissa. Here you can learn how to send a special command to your AC.

Can I add a Special Command?

In the ‘Special Commands’ menu you will find a list of commands you can use with your AC. However, if a function you like is missing, doesn’t mean you cannot use it. Now you can add your own Special Commands! It is supper simple and takes less than a minute. You only have to give the new command a name and help Melissa learn it. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this here.

What else can I do with this function?

Except of adding new commands for your AC you can also use this function to add commands for other IR based appliances, for example your TV. The process is the same.