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Betty - the smart window and bathroom cleaner

See how to use Betty in just 5 simple steps.

Betty is a smart bath and window cleaner. Here you can learn how to use and maintain your Betty in just 5 simple steps.


What's inside
the box

In the box you will find:

12 x reusable microfiber mops
4 x plastic rings
100 ml transparent plastic spray bottle
remote control
power adapter
power extension cord
safety rope
user manual



How to assemble
Betty before use

Before each cleaning session, please make sure that Betty is properly assembled.
To do so, put the cleaning plastic rings and make sure that all their 6 slots are well attached to the cleaning wheel. After that, put clean mops on them. Put the safety rope through one of the holes at the upper or bottom side of the device and tighten it firmly.
All you have to do now is turn Betty on - connect the device to the power supply, turn it on by using the switch, stick it on the window and start the cleaning.



How to:
Auto cleaning

Betty has 3 auto cleaning modes: Auto cleaning up then down, left then down, and right then down. If you press the metal button on the device, Betty will initiate the аutomatic cleaning of the whole window. First, the device will climb to the uppermost point of the window and when it reaches its frame, it will rotate and start cleaning first right then down. When Betty finishes with the cleaning, it goes to the lower-left corner of the window and stays there in a standby regime.


How to:
Remote control

By using the remote control included in the kit, you can start and stop the cleaning and navigate your Betty to go up, down, left, or right. You can also use the 3 automatic modes: Automatic clean up then down, Automatic clean left then down, and Automatic clean right then down.


How to:
Clean mops

When you are ready with the cleaning session, it's time to take care of the already not so clean mops and prepare them for the next use. All you have to do is take them off the device, put them in the washing machine, and wash them.
Betty's mops are reusable and washable at any temperature.

P.S. Washing at the lowest possible temperature not only saves energy and money but also helps you cut CO2 emissions.

Additional FAQs

How does Betty work?

Betty uses strong suction to stick to the surface she's cleaning. Betty mimics the human hand by applying pressure on the surface and rotating the microfibre mops while navigating on the best path not leaving any traces.

Is there a risk for Betty to fall while cleaning?

No, there is no risk. Betty has frame-sensors and a built-in battery, which allows her to continue sticking to the surface for 20 minutes in case there's a power outage. With her4.5-meter long safety rope, she can reach every spot of the exterior side of your windows, while staying secure.

What types of surfaces do Betty clean?

Although windows are her favorite, Betty can clean a wide variety of other surfaces. You can use heron the bathroom tiles, the mirrors, the shower cabins, or even on the parquet.

What types of windows is Betty compatible with?

Betty is compatible with all types of window frames. The device works through suction, powered by a motor inside it - this helps Betty stick to any flat surface or glass, no matter how thick it is.

How often should I change the mops?

It depends on how dirty your windows are. With the 12 2-sided mops included in the kit, you will clean all your windows at once. After Betty is done just put them in the washing machine to prepare for the next cleaning session.

Technical specifications


Any flat surfaces


Frame sensor


5600 PA


2.5 min/m2


AC/DC, 5 m power cord


4 x Lithium battery, 3.7V


290x142x115 mm


2-year limited warranty

Buy now

3 Smart cleaning modes
Suction power: 5600 PA
Cleaning speed: 2.5 min/m2        
Power cord: 5 m
Safety rope lenght: 4.5 m
Built-in battery: 4*Lithium battery, 3.7V  
Product size: 290x142x115 mm  
Colour: white 
In the box: Betty, 12 x reusable microfiber pads, remote controller, power adapter, power extension cord, safety rope, user manual

*14 days 100% money back guarantee & 2 years international warranty

Questions & Answers

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