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Your day in your smart home


A new day is coming!

Good morning! Schedule your blinds to open, allowing light into your home.


It's time to take a morning shower.

Thanks to Bobbie you have hot water whenever you need it.


Going to work...

No need to worry for wasting energy while away - Melissa will alert you and turn it off for you.


Didn't you forget something?

Yes, you left the iron on... Don't worry, SmartPlug will turn it off for you!


Maya V2 will clean your home instead of you.

Maya V2 will turn on itself and sweep, mop or vacuum your flooring. After cleaning is finished, she will go back to her docking station.


A window left open at home?

MClimate Open/Close Sensor will notify you if a window is left open when you leave your home.


Something is happening at home!

There is a water leak in your home! Don't panic and stop the water supply.
The MClimate App quickly alerts you, so you can take immediate action.


Come back to a warm and cozy home.

Thanks to Vicki, you will always come back to the perfect home temperature.


Forget about the boring cleaning of the windows.

Betty is here! She will do all the dirty work for you and you get to enjoy the view
from your window and spending time with your loved ones.


Have the lights turned on.

It's getting dark outside! MClimate SmartPlug will turn the lights on.


Moving objects detected!

Thanks to Motion Sensor, you will be informed immediately if a motion is detected.

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