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Jun 23, 2020

"Alexa, turn my A/C ON"

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Melissa Smart A/C Controller Works With Amazon Alexa

Alexa is a voice control platform which is available on the Amazon devices Echo, Dot, and Tap. The integration of Melissa with Alexa enables you to use voice commands for controlling your air conditioner. After syncing your Melissa with Alexa you can now ask her to assist you with:
  • "Turn Melissa on."
  • "Turn Melissa off."
  • "Set the Melissa to 20 (or X amount) degrees."
  • "Increase Melissa by 2 (or X amount) degrees."
  • "Decrease Melissa by 4 (or X amount) degrees."

How to sync Melissa with Amazon Alexa?

We created a useful article with full instructions on how to start using Alexa and Melissa to control your air conditioner. Click here to see how: Control Melissa with Amazon Alexa


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