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Jun 23, 2020

Eliq and MClimate join forces

Eliq and MClimate join forces

Melissa Smart A/C Controllers are being installed in Norway.

MClimate will provide Melissa Smart A/C devices to help Norwegian utility Eidsiva’s customers get more information about their energy usage at home. The Melissa WiFi devices will be used in 300 Norwegian homes as a part of the energy engagement project EnergIQ run by Eliq and the Norwegian utility Eidsiva. Customers will use MClimate’s A/C Wi-Fi Controller to better understand their electricity consumption.

What are they going to be used for?

Eliq is a Swedish company which provides a utility customer engagement platform to offer white label apps for utility customers with the ability to track their energy usage based on data from electricity meters and smart home devices. The App collates meter readings, tariffs and customer billing information from the utility company, with weather and smart home data from third-party integrations in order to provide overall information about customer’s energy consumption and ways to control and optimize it. The application also includes energy production monitoring capability and users can monitor production and consumption on the one screen. Eidsiva is Norway's fifth largest power supplier with 125,000 customers, primarily within its own supply area in Oppland and Hedmark. Eidsiva operates 22,000 kilometers of power grid.

About the project.

The purpose of the project EnergIQ is to test the technology in practice, at home with ordinary consumers. In this way, one can find the most cost-effective solutions for energy reduction, and raise awareness of energy saving among consumers who get this equipment installed. The project is run in the period of 2016 – 2021. During this time almost 1 500 volunteer pilot customers get smart tips and advice on how to reduce their energy consumption. Pilot customers receive close monitoring and monthly comparison of their consumption compared to previous years' consumption and different control groups. Experience indicates that customers with real-time energy information as the only instrumentation can reduce their energy consumption by 6%, while customers who have energy information and control capabilities can reduce their energy consumption by 20%.

Norway’s energy market is one of the most innovative throughout Europe.

Hydropower is currently the source of over 96% of Norway’s electricity and there are more than 110,000 electric cars in use in the country. The Government has the ambition to achieve 100% clean electricity generation by 2050. In the meanwhile, the largest innovation of the Norwegian power grid for the last 100 years is going on. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has decided that all electricity customers in Norway should have smart electricity meters by 1 January 2019. Smart meters will provide consumers with better information about their electricity consumption and prices, and facilitate opportunities for new energy-related services. If you're interested in using оur smart home devices for customer engagement or demand response check our Utility Page!


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