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Jun 23, 2020

How to reduce humidity with my AC?


You are already familiar with the risks of high humidity for your home and family, but you still have no idea how to control the humidity level? Well, you can use your AC to do this.


How does your AC work?


Actually, all the air conditioners have temperature sensor, but most of them do not have one for humidity. So, their working process depends entirely on the measured temperature at home. However, as you know, thanks to humidity the actual temperature and the way you feel it, could be much different. But, how could we reach a comfortable humidity level using the AC?


Cooling dries the air


During the summer, when the outside temperature is high and humidity goes up, you set your AC to cooling mode. As a result, the temperature at home goes down, which reduces the humidity, too. However, summer is not the only season of the year when humidity is high. What about spring and autumn, when it’s raining? The temperature is fine and you don’t need cooling, but the humidity still stays high.


AC Settings to Lower Humidity


During spring and autumn you don’t use cooling, but you can set the temperature with 2-3°C less than the current temperature. Combine it with low fan speed and you can effectively dry the air without cooling it. Basically that is what dry mode does, so you can use it too.


Keep an eye on the humidity level at home to assure the comfort and well being of your family.


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