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Jun 23, 2020

M Climate 3G Combo


Introducing M Climate 3G Combo!

That's a combination of two products - the standart Melissa Smart AC controller and her new friend - M Climate 3G Router.



Because we want you to be able to control the temperature at your villa or any other distanced place where you go from time to time. We know it is difficult to set Internet connection if your villa is in the mountains, for example. That is why we prepared for you an easy to use device that will provide Internet connection for Melissa to ensure you always have the best temperature when you are there.


Just place a SIM card in Melissa 3G router and it will turn the 3G signal into Wi-Fi connection, strong enough for Melissa to work properly. Next thing to do is connect your Melissa to the new Wi-Fi network and start controlling your AC smart. Find here more information on how to install it. With Melissa Combo Pack you can always be sure the temperature at your villa will be perfect when you get there. 


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