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Jun 23, 2020

Prepare for the Winter in 3 Steps


The summer is over and the heating season is soon to come. It’s time to prepare for the cold months. Here are our tips on how to get ready for the winter before it begins.

  1. Take care of your AC.

    The best thing you can do to assure your air conditioner will be working properly during the whole winter and not waste you more energy than needed is to call a professional to check your AC. They will open it, clean it and check if anything needs to be changed. However, if you are not willing to pay a professional to do this at the moment or you have done it soon enough, you can at least change or clean the filters of your AC. Here you can find detailed instructions on how to clean your AC filter on your own.

  2. Improve isolation

    If you still haven’t done it, we highly recommend you to isolate the outer walls of your home. This way you will keep your place warm in the winter and cool during the summer without loosing too much energy. Check the isolation of your windows for the same reason. To reduce the heat losses as much as possible, you can also put some thicker curtains on your windows. Make sure you place the curtain at least 5 cm over the window for better isolation.

  3. From Cooling to Heating

    Probably the easiest thing is to change your AC mode from cooling to heating. However, sometimes it’s not that easy to make the transition from one season to another. In the rainy autumn you may need to use fan function only to regulate the humidity. As people say, sometimes “it’s not the temperature, it’s the humidity”. Find some tips about humidity control here. Raise the temperature gradually. Give your air conditioner some time to reach your desired temperature, don’t rush it by choosing temperature much higher than what you need.


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