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Jun 23, 2020

Meet the New Home Screen of Melissa


We changed the home screen of Melissa's mobile App to make is easier to use. The new design is based entirely on how you control your AC and which buttons you use the most. Here's some more details about the new home screen:


Design based on your preferences


We noticed that you use the on/off function more often so we put the button for turning the AC on/off in the middle of the screen to be easily accessible. Right above it you can see the current state of your AC. We kept the slider for changing the temperature of the AC and you can still keep track on the current temperature and humidity in your room. We also added the name of your Melissa to the new home screen, so you know which AC you are controlling.


New Background


The background of the main screen is also new. Now it shows you whether you are heating or cooling your room by changing its color from blue to red.


Intuitive Pop-ups for Settings


We also arranged the Settings for Mode and Fan differently. Now you can find them on the bottom of your screen and control them from easy to use pop-ups.


Activity Log


Ever wondered if your command is sent or not? Now you can check that in the Activity Log screen, where you can find history of all commands you've sent. When sending a command from the main screen, you will see a ✔ or a on the Activity Log icon to let you know if it was sent successfully or not.

Download the new update of the Application from Google Play or AppStore:

new-home-screen-google-play new-home-screen-appstore-apple


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